If you are white, you are evil

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Bruce Libby
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This is painful Smegma but I

This is painful Smegma but I have to do it:
That earned you a :
Dum Roll and rimshot !

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In another episode of "Lets

In another episode of "Lets Get Whitey", a S Cal School is having its budget cut because they teach too many white people. This is the result of a 1970's rule imposed by our esteemed judiciary which set racial quotas.

School Fools

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FERGUSON: White Man Beats

FERGUSON: White Man Beats Black Woman


SAINT LOUIS: White Woman Beats White Man


The ACLU's Office of Looting and Rioting for Justice is in special session.

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University of Hawaii

University of Hawaii Professor Demands White Men Quit Their Jobs


. . “If you are a white cis man (meaning you identify as male and you were assigned male at birth) you almost certainly should resign from your position of power,” the professor added.

Harron went on to suggest that if quitting is “too difficult”, white men should “at least get off your hiring committee your curriculum committee, and make sure you’re replaced by a woman of color or trans person.”

. . What can universities do? Well, that’s easier. Stop hiring white cismen (except as needed to get/retain people who are not white cis men) until the problem goes away. If you think this is a bad or un-serious idea, your sexism/racism/transphobia is showing.

Part your hair on the other side and it won't show.


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