Jeff Sessions Confirmed

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Yep Jassie, rewriting history

Yep Jassie, rewriting history... you'll have them n________s voting Democrat for 200 years. Moron.

Man, it's like Christmas morning every day.

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Maybe Sessions would be able

Maybe Sessions would be able to redeem himself in the eyes of the left if he really went hammer and tongs after some rich powerful white criminals...maybe he could start wit bubba and hilarity?

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I know this is last weeks

I know this is last weeks news, but, I found this article at Vanity Fair which makes clear that Sessions didn't perjure himself. He didn't lie. He simply answered the questions asked. The author goes on to excoriate "the press".... essentially saying that if you want to be be believed, you should be believable.Read here: LET'S BAKE ANOTHER SOUFFLE Perhaps, Trump was right to be angry at Session's "recusal".

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Never give an inch. That inch

Never give an inch. That inch is a sign of weakness and "an inch is as good as a mile" as my grandmother used to say. Saul Alinsky summarized conservative weaknesses quite well in his Rules for Radicals. We tend to be polite. What conservatives are beginning to learn is that you cannot negotiate with progressives - in either party. They will eat you for lunch and try to make you feel guilty for opposing their progressive agenda.

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Bruce, you have contracted so

Confirmed. Good.

ps, Bruce, you have contracted so many colorful metaphors from others, I'm surprised that you can remember who you are. Congratulations for being the most adjectivally described person on the blog.


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