John Richardson involved in questioned UM energy award

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John Richardson involved in questioned UM energy award

From the Maine Sunday Telegram, Tux Turkel:

A top University of Maine official provided insider information aimed at helping one company win the bid for a lucrative energy contract

On one call to update progress, a consultant representing a ConEd partner in the bid, John Richardson of Brunswick, refers to a meeting he and others had

Richardson is a lawyer who served as House speaker in the Maine Legislature from 2004 to 2006, was commissioner of the Department of Economic and Community Development from 2007 to 2009, and briefly ran for governor in 2010.

Apparently there was no space for the word, Democrat, in the description of the Honorable Mr. Richardson. Nor was there space to go into his past problems with the ethics of his signature gatherers. And of course no mention that Richardson appears on WCSH for his expertise on the Democratic party's view of current events.

There was plenty of space to identify the citizens who are involved with the business entity, CVG, as donors to Governor LePage, who was not involved in the bid process.

Ah, the confines of space, presenting such difficult choices.

Bruce Libby
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Picture dictionary definition

Picture dictionary definition of sleaze : J. Richardson.

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LOL, didn't that same John

LOL, didn't that same John Richardson make the news some time ago because of a cuban cigar incident? But then again, maybe that was another Baldacci fiasco...

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