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Jus Soli

The term Jus Soli means 'Right of the Soil" and refers to what we call anchor babies. If a child is born on US soil, it is automatically a US citizen regardless of the status of the parents. I am surprised that Trump has not moved to eliminate this practice. In attempt to eliminate what is called "Birth Tourism" whereby people visit a country just to have a baby there with the intent to circumscribe the proper citizenship process, some countries have adopted a restricted law which requires that at least one parent be a citizen of the country (Jus Sanqunis - Right of the Blood).

The information I read indicates that no European country grants citizenship based on birth location. Almost all states in Europe, Asia, Africa and Oceana grant citizenship based on Jus Sanquinis and not Jus Soli. Of the 190 countries only 33 grant citizenship on Jus Soli...America is one of the few that does.

We need to stop this practice.

America stand almost alone

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Maybe Fat Nixon will abolish

Maybe Fat Nixon will abolish the Fourteenth Amendment this week by Executive Tweet?

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You mean like Obama's

You mean like Obama's unconstitutional treaties with his "pen and phone"?

Either both are wrong or neither are wrong. Decide.

I would note that the 14th was ratified and cannot be reversed by anyone, while many of Obama's actions were not ratified by the Senate or the states and thus can be erased with the stroke of a pen. The Iran Deal is not even a treaty.

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