Ken GOP Offers Reward for Campaign Sign Vandals

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Ken GOP Offers Reward for Campaign Sign Vandals

From: Ken County

For Immediate Release

Republicans offer Reward to Ward Off Campaign Sign Destruction

AUGUSTA- The Kennebec County Republican Committee announced today the offering of a $50 reward for any member of the public who provides information leading to the arrest and conviction of any person removing, defacing or destroying campaign signs in any Kennebec County town or city.

Kennebec County GOP Chairman Chuck Mahaleris said that this is being done in an effort to help prevent the destruction or vandalizing of campaign signs posted along city streets in Waterville and Augusta or along back roads in Kennebec County's more rural communities. "Candidates and their supporters spend a lot of time and effort to place these signs and it is very frustrating when someone comes along and purposefully and illegally undoes all that hard work," Mahaleris said. "Nearly all of the candidates running for office today are running as clean election candidates and destroying campaign signs is also a terrible waste of taxpayer money."

Mahaleris said that any member of the public who would like to make a report can send Chuck and email at or can call 623-9069 and leave the information about who they are, where they live, and details about what they observed. This information will be turned over to law enforcement officials in that municipality. If the information leads to the arrest and conviction of a sign vandal then the Kennebec County Republican Committee will send them $50.

"This doesn't just apply to the destruction of Republican signs," Mahaleris said. "We are offering this reward to discourage any and all sign destruction. If someone thinks they are helping our Republican candidates by destroying the signs of our opponents- they are mistaken. It is illegal to vandalize campaign signs and those guilty- regardless of party affiliation- should be prosecuted."

Mahaleris explained that in years past there has been some sign destruction but he hopes that should not be as common this year. "It's really risky for someone to go out and destroy campaign signs these days," he said. "Most people have cell phones that can take pictures or have digital cameras. We hope that we don't have any reason to pay out on the reward but it is being made available to help discourage such destruction."


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Ken GOP Offers Reward for Campaign Sign Vandals

I agree with the proposal, a good idea, but I think you need to bump the reward to make it worthwhile for people - $250 perhaps.

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Ken GOP Offers Reward for Campaign Sign Vandals
Henry Clay
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Ken GOP Offers Reward for Campaign Sign Vandals

Apollo, under Baldacci's economy $50 is a lot of money :lol:

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Sign Shortage

[b]We understand that some of our R Candidates as well as TaxpayerBillofRights has been running low on signs, partially due to the high level of theft and vandalism.

It is suggested that remaining signs be offered to individual property owners to post on their own yard, as the goons might be a little less brazen trespassing on pvt. property to trash a sign (although it's not all that much of a deterrant) than if it is just stuck along a remote section of road.

Associating a cause / Candidate with a known and respected Community member by their display of a sign in their yard also boosts the Candidate's credibility a lot more than just having it decorate a lonely ditch beside a swamp.

Until (and if) supplies are renewed, we understand that priority is to be given to private property display above random roadside posting.

Also see previous related posts suggesting some defensive tactics to employ against the "tolerant" ones... who do whatever they can to silence anyone they don't happen to aggree with or control.

BTW - I just moved in to Kennebec County, and have already been active in supporting local Candidates and TABOR.

Chuck - I'll drop you an e-mail now that I know who you are and what it is with my contact info. [/b]

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