Kevlar saves citizens from severe injury by anti-Trump protestors.

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Tom C
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Kevlar saves citizens from severe injury by anti-Trump protestors.

She and her husband arrived at the site of the scheduled speech early (around 5:30 for the 8 p.m. event) prepared for violence (both were wearing Kevlar vests) but nothing marked them as Trump or Milo fans—her politics are “more on the left,” she says.

As the crowd grew, she and her husband both suffered concussions, she by falling hard trying to climb over two barricades to escape the crowd, he by being beaten with a heavy metal rod while lying helpless on the ground. She says she was separated from him and thought he was dead. He spent the whole next day at a hospital, fearing permanent liver damage but, Katrina says, it was “only” two broken ribs (wielded heavily enough that the Kevlar was apparently not much protection).

A Woman Assaulted by the Thugs at Berkeley

The Kevlar probably prevented severe organ damage.

I've got a III-A vest around here somewhere and a level III plate, as well, that can be worn over it. They were just kind of collectable relics I picked up over the years, but, gosh, they might come in useful if the lefties keep this up.

Mike G
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The revolution must continue

What difference does it make they are racists and must be cleansed.

"Obey orders in all your actions; Do not take a single needle or thread from the masses; and Turn in everything captured."

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MAC-10 also works

MAC-10 also works

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A lot of people are saying

A lot of people are saying these protesters are being paid by Frederick Douglass, not knowing that he was killed in the Bowling Green Massacre.

Bruce Libby
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Smegma you must have Googled

Smegma you must have Googled that !

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