Key Senate Immigration Bill Vote TODAY! Please Call!

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Key Senate Immigration Bill Vote TODAY! Please Call!

A YES vote on a CLOTURE motion (a.k.a. ending debate on the Senate Immigration bill) is a vote to HELP PASS the Senate Immigration bill. If you want this bill to die - the correct vote on a CLOTURE motion is NO.

NOTE: This item posted for discussion on page 18 of an ongoing thread:

[i]Editor's Note: I will be calling Sens. Snowe/Collins today again, asking them to oppose this measure. Please join me. Their phone numbers are here:

Senate to try again on immigration overhaul
By Donna Smith
Tue Jun 26, 2:15 AM ET

The Senate is headed for a showdown over immigration reform on Tuesday when lawmakers vote on whether to revive a bill that would legalize millions of unlawful immigrants.
Supporters expect a close vote on a motion to resume Senate debate on the legislation,

Supporters say that if the legislation stalls again in the Senate, lawmakers are unlikely to attempt to revive it again before next year's presidential election.



Chicago Tribune


Immigration issue back with senators
Critics of bill split on how vote will go

By Karoun Demirjian
Washington Bureau

June 26, 2007

If Tuesday's showdown vote -- on a motion to officially revive the bill -- fails to procure the 60 votes necessary to pass, it will likely be the end of the road for comprehensive immigration reform this year. But if the vote passes, senators are predicting it will herald Senate passage of the measure by week's end. The bill then would go to the House for more debate.

"We do still have a shot to stop it," said Sen. DeMint, "but it's only going to be if the American people raise the level of their voices in the next 24 hours."