Lepage and Trump bringing back jobs to rural Maine

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Lepage and Trump bringing back jobs to rural Maine

A new company with new ideas is bringing some sorely needed employment back to the Katahdin region.
Trump's fast track permitting process as well as Governor Lepage's involvement are the reason that the Wheelabrator / Boralex power plant in Sherman Station is slated to be online by June 2017.
It would appear that they've developed a new revenue stream to make the electric generating biomass plant viable by drying and pelletizing the ash as a bio-char / activated carbon product which makes perfect sense since the ash has cost money to get rid of.
The ripple effect will have an enormous impact on the area.

Now we wait for the new National Monument bureaucracy to get involved.
Can't have those newly minted tourists seeing that dirty smokestack........


Some more info:

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HTeat news Ugenetoo

Great news Ugenetoo.

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I wonder how many states are

I wonder how many states are in the deep red. Perhaps Trump can help West Virginia. This is from a friend of mine in Spencer WV.

Gov. Jim Justice says state government is looking at a projected budget deficit of $500 million in the next fiscal year.

The current across the board cuts have already eliminated state jobs, including some in education, police, fire and ambulance service.

Former Gov. Earl Ray Tomblin made several budget cuts during his last year in office.

Justice says the funding gap will increase again the following year, up to $700 million.

WV is already about 25 years behind in repaving roads.

The state's money coffers for nearly a century relied on coal and other extractables, with most current politicians having run on restoring coal production in the Mountain State.

Coal production has been declining for over 30 years, due to mechanization, coal quality, declining coal seams and environmental rules.

Tomblin had proposed raising the state's consumer sales tax 1 percent and imposed a 2 percent half-year spending cut under this year's $4.1 billion budget.

Many Republicans ran on "no new taxes."

Justice presents his proposals to the Legislature during his State of the State Address on Feb. 8 when the 2017 Regular Legislative Session resumes.

Officials say there’s no good choices on these cuts at this stage of the game, except to say, "They’re going to be painful and they’re going impact people.”

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Watcher speculates:

Watcher speculates:
"Perhaps Trump can help West Virginia.."

Sure can. Just open up the coal mines again. The coal could be exported. There are Maine homes heated with coal and it's the lowest cost fuel per BTU.

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