LePage Proposes $84 Million School Funds, Democrats Vote No

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LePage Proposes $84 Million School Funds, Democrats Vote No
Sat, 06/22/2013 - 3:36pm
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Legislative budget misses opportunity to support students
Posted on June 22, 2013 by Samantha Warren

AUGUSTA – As Governor LePage continues to review the upcoming two-year budget he discovered a slashing by the Legislature’s Appropriations Committee of supports for existing programs proven to prepare Maine youth for success in college and their careers and some innovative new ones.

That committee cut $18.4 million proposed by the Department of Education and Governor LePage.

“Democrats, for two years, have falsely accused me of making deep cuts to education, when in fact, I have consistently added funding into the budget to support Maine students,” LePage stated.

If LePage’s biennial budget was enacted as proposed, by the end of his first term roughly $84 million would have been invested in our schools over and above the baseline GPA amount when he took office.

“Our department’s efforts are fully focused on improving our schools to ensure students graduate college and/or career ready,” said Education Commissioner Stephen Bowen. “These targeted funds would have rewarded schools for doing innovative things and funded the very initiatives that the legislature and Maine people told us were so important.”

“Unlike the Democrats, I am not concerned about the next election, rather I am more concerned about our next generation. These cuts are irresponsible and demonstrate the misplaced priorities of Democrats,” said Governor LePage.

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