Life Line Screening - worth it?

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Tom C
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Life Line Screening - worth it?

My girlfriend wants to bring me to this Life Line Screening mobile ultrasound thing. For $129 they screen for stroke risk, abdominal aortic aneurysm, and peripheral artery disease. I guess she doesn't want me to drop dead. Which, for me, is a new thing in a relationship. But I digress.

Anyway, are these things worth it, or is it just money for something that doesn't really work? I'm 50 years old.

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Life Line Screening - worth it?

I've considered Life Line Screenings myself and have done some research as to whether or not they are a worthwhile investment.
As you can imagine, opinions run the spectrum from 'yes, by all means get them done' to 'no, don't waste your money', depending on who is answering the question.

For what my opinion is worth, I think the next time they are offered in my area I will get them done. I based my decision on the following reasons to name a few (not in any particular order of importance):

1) My specific risk factors: I have a 'strong' family history of stroke/cardiovascular disease
2) Belief in such non-invasive 'preventative' health care screenings and hoping the entire industry will move towards this view (I could go on and on about why I believe this is important, but I'll spare you!)
3) Previous experience with having a peripheral arterial ultrasound scan done per doctor's orders and seeing just how much that scan cost my particular health insurance at that time.
4) Making the commitment to myself that the results - positive or negative - of the scans would be shared with my own doctor, whomever that might be at the time of receving results of the scans.

There are a plethora of articles online which debate the pros and cons of Life Screening, to include accredidation of mobile units, the doctors who read the scans, the value of having scans without certain risk factors, the possibility of 'false positives' (which exist with nearly every test anyway) etc. etc. etc.

Just my two cents.

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Life Line Screening - worth it?

As someone who is always on the hunt for a bargain, $129 for all that is CHEAP! I just had an abdominal ultrasound at the hospital and that alone cost me $148.00, and that focused on just 1 organ.

Is there a catch? I mean, it would almost seem there HAS to be a catch because of that low dollar amount. Do they give you the results in printed form or on a CD or something to take with you to YOUR primary doctor or is there something funky where they will only give the results to one of THEIR doctors? I just see so many opportunities for some sort of a shyster maneuver here is all. Always the pessimist I am. :lol:

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