Maine affected by Canada lynx proposal

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Maine affected by Canada lynx proposal

Thursday, November 10, 2005 - Bangor Daily News

"Nearly 11,000 square miles of northern Maine are being targeted in a proposed rule as critical habitat for the Canada lynx, an animal protected under the Endangered Species Act, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service announced on Wednesday."

That will really keep the lights off.
Throw in vernal pools and we'll have a virtual lockdown.

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Maine affected by Canada lynx proposal

[quote]But federal officials say the designation will have little impact on the land designated and even less impact on the lynx. [/quote]


We shall see. I will save this quote and in 5 years demand hearings to conclude that the federal officials knowingly lied about the true impact this policy would have.

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Maine affected by Canada lynx proposal


Thanks for the update, this will have a significant impact, because many developments in the north will require wetland alteration permits for road placements etc.

In reference to Vernal Pools, since the proposed rule changes, I have kept my eye open for potential required permitting under the proposed rule changes for vernal pools, while walking lots for my clients.

Potentially at least 25 percent of those lots may have development curtailed or stopped because of the proposed vernal pools regs. These lots vary from new homes to existing homes where a homeowner requests improvements to the existing conditions.

If the legislators pass these rules without correcting then as written, you may be prohibited from building a garage, an addition to your house, many improvements that our not forestry related.

Funny how the forest industry and many other larger industries get these rules changed so they are not affected, while the dumbass small lot owner gets reamed.

The middle and lower class homeowners are going to take it in the nose with some of these regs, they don't know it or even suspect it, but their land improvements could be stopped right where they are.

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Maine affected by Canada lynx proposal

Not only development but:

Groups say lynx being trapped by accident
Conservationists urge DNR action
Duluth News Tribune

"Too many of Minnesota's lynx are being killed by traps set for other animals, say conservationists who are pushing the state to seek ways to protect the rare forest cats."

Lynx habitat plan leaves region out

By Gary Gerhardt, Rocky Mountain News
November 10, 2005

Environmental groups Wednesday criticized the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service for leaving Colorado, New Mexico and southern Wyoming out of proposed critical habitat that would protect Canada lynx.
"We can release all the lynx in the world, and they can make a lot of kittens; but if we don't also [b]protect their habitat[/b], this entire effort will probably fail," said Jacob Smith, executive director of Center for Native Ecosystem, based in Denver.",1299,DRMN_15_42262...

Are you beginning to see the plan.

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Crews search for elusive lynx

Crews search for elusive lynx in Utah mountains
By Mike Stark
Associated Press Writer
Updated: 02/20/2010 11:14:09 AM MST

Crews are scouring Utah's Uinta Mountains for signs of Canada lynx....

Lynx are difficult to survey because they prefer snowy, densely forested areas that can be hard to reach....

A good estimate for the number of lynx in the lower 48 is difficult. Sartorius said it's probably in the hundreds, but not the thousands.

Colorado launched a reintroduction program in 1999. Several affixed with tracking devices have been documented in surrounding states, including Utah.

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