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Robert Reed
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THis was my 1st time

THis was my 1st time attending and I am neither a Paul or Romney supporter, quite frankly, both are opposites ends of the spectrum and I probably fall somewhere closer to the middle. I will support either as the candidate as neither scares me away and BOTH are better than what the other party will offer.

I arrived at 7:15 simply due to many emails, calls and blog posts all indicating arrive early. I patiently waited in the line and made several new friends in the process, arriving into the doors about 8:45. Both sides had people in line so any arguments about why Charlie did not close the doors early are simply not true. The man actually was doing the right thing in making sure everyone who attended was registered and in before beginning - imagine the outrage had he closed the doors early. IMHO the bottle necks were two items - first they did not open the doors as early as possible, something they should have been able to do. Second, the high number of people who were not paid/registered and were doing so the day of the event to fill opened spaces significantly slowed the process and created much of the problem. This was in my opinion the greatest detriment the Ron Paul folks did all day as it started everything wrong - I saw people in that line and clearly the majority had Paul stickers...

From that point on and with everything running behind, better organization was needed but not found...for example - the voting for the 1st two would have been simpler by each delegate having a ballot that simply says "Secretary" or "Chair" and then you collect in different buckets and could the ballots. I'm sure others could find other methods but no one seemed to have control and those calling for CHarlies head simply were proving why they were doing so - he did nothing to fix the problem, nor did Tweed once elected to the position.

I am sure the local media will have some great stories on this as both sides seemed to spend far too much time criticizing every attack or point made by the other side. So much disresepct from both camps, both in comments and the way people were treated by campaign staffers once it was determined that friend A was not voting for the guy you was like junior high all over.

The high light and only time I saw unity was during Susan Collins speech and I am grate ful we showed respect for what she represents and HOW she represents our state. I truly hope tomorrow has a better outcome.

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Robert - thank you for your

Robert - thank you for your perspective, and the information. Sorry I didn't get the chance to meet and speak with you today. In particular, the comments about the unregistered delegates are interesting, as that certainly did add to the delay in the overall registration process. Thank you for the reminder.


Charlie - the link works for me, so I'm not sure why it's malfunctioning for you. Sorry about that. If you go to the PPH page, you will find the article in the news section. It's called "Ron Paul Supporters Take Over GOP Convention." It will take a couple seconds for the slide show to load at the top of the page.

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Packed to the Rafters! Photo

Packed to the Rafters!

Photo Courtesy of Mark Ellis, thank you!

J. McKane
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I went to the same convention

I went to the same convention Naran did (Sorry I missed you, Naran). Lots of energy, and yes, confusion, but bottom line - HUGE TURNOUT! Now the trick is to carry that energy through to November. We lost the Senate district 20 seat because Rs stayed home (22% turnout). Let's not let that happen again.

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Reposted from another

Reposted from another thread:
Just got back from Augusta, didn't stay for the dinner I paid for.

It took four hours to do 15 minutes worth of business.
Once the convention chairman, Boss Tweed, took his place, we were eager to make some progress.
After a lengthy nomination procession, followed by a procession of people saying they declined their nominations, the geniuses in charge had ballots made up.
Two counties actually voted on the national delegates before some upstanding citizen rose to declare there is a ballot security issue.
Boss Tweed leaves the mike for a few minutes, then comes back and declares that he hadn't "authorized" the release of the ballots, and therefore the ballots had to be thrown out and reprinted, which would take several hours.
The ballots should have been distributed and counted.
End of story.

So, having made the decision, now Boss Tweed has to give some consideration to the convention delegates, who are visibly disgusted at this point.
His genius idea?
Vote on the national delegates Sunday morning, 9:30.
When Charlie Webster points out that maybe it's not such a good idea, since a large number of us would be at church right about then, Boss Tweed sticks to his guns and moves the question.
He lost that one.
About this time, I'm saying to everyone around me, just put the names on the big screen, give us all a piece of paper, tell us to write down 15 names, collect them and count them. All done.
But no.
They have to print up actual ballots and hold us hostage if we want to vote.

Best thing of the day: John Crimmins and Steve Scharf saved the day in the Cumberland County caucus. Kate Norfleet gets kudos, too. And of course Jan Love acted with dignity in a situation where I would have blown my top.
Oh, and whoever thought the bleachers would be a good place for a county delegation of 400 people to conduct business, that person should never be allowed to plan another event.
You're fired!

The ballot Nazis spoiled the day. Whatever the result may be, it would have happened with or without the ballot Nazis.
Biggest losers: all candidates. They deserved an excited, cheerful crowd and they didn't get one.

Roger Ek
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I have been up and working

I have been up and working since 5 AM. It has been a fine day for liberty in Maine. The few counties I spoke with after the balloting have elected talented and principles members of the state committee. At about 7:30 PM we finally got to vote for delegates to the national convention. We should know those results first thing in the morning. There will be a non-denominational church service at 9 in the morning. The gavel should fall precisely at 9:30.

This morning there was a countdown in the Penobscot County delegation leading up to 9 AM. 10, 9, 8, 7 on to zero. Then a shout went up, "Where's Charlie?" We waited around to nearly 10 AM to let everybody in.

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Roger, did your county want

Roger, did your county want the convention business to begin before hundreds of delegates were able to get in and get seated?

Rick Blaine
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Jon Crimmins, Steve Scharf,

Jon Crimmins, Steve Scharf, Kate Norfleet and Jan Love of the Cumberland County Republican Committee are ALL 100% Class Acts!

They do an incredible job and give everyone a fair shake.

County Committees across Maine could learn a very key lesson from these folks because they have their focus on The Big Picture - which is keeping Maine under Republican Leadership, keeping the open US Senate seat in the Republican column and getting rid of Barack Obama.

This convention must result in a unified party... or the amazing changes we're just beginning to see here in Maine will come to an abrupt and premature end.

We've come too far in these last three years to lose it like a bunch of back-stabbing, infighting Democrats!

Vic Berardelli
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Don't know what happened in

Don't know what happened in other counties, but Penobscot County's six GOP State Committee seats are all Liberty Republicans. And Charlie Webster's hand-picked candidates all lost.

BTW: Does anybody know what overnight security precautions are in place for the National Convention delegate ballots? Some counties did not receive them until 7 p.m. and the results won't be announced until Sunday.

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To Mainemom, Rick Blaine, and

To Mainemom, Rick Blaine, and everyone else who attended the Cumberland County Caucus thank you for making it the best part of the day. Despite losing my voice in the process of yelling out our agenda it went much better than could have been expected. Jan Love, Peter Doyle, Nick Magee, Eric Lusk, Steve Scharf and Kate Norfleet have done great work for the Cumberland County Republicans in the last couple of years and should be applauded. They made lemonade out of lemons. And to Eric Brakey, Elaina and Jonathan Pfaff it was good to work with you in this cause.

Jon Crimmins

Jim Corr
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What a day! Arrived at the

What a day! Arrived at the covention around 0730 and the line was back to the Best Western. Probably somewhere close to 0900 before I got in. A little problem with the credentials, but I made it in. Clearly the numbers of people trying to get in and seated was a big issue. I think they did the right thing though by waiting to get everyone inside.

There has to be a better solution to the credentialing process then the one in place. Considering we are in the 21st century I think we need to bring some simple technology into play that can speed up the process and provide the instantaneous delegate figures that were asked for. Way to much of a cluster!

It was also clear that there was no contingency plan to deal with nomination of additional candidates for the Convention Chairman and Secretary Positions. A plan must be developed for future conventions that also maximizes technical solutions for the voting process to speed things along.

As far as the grumbling I heard it from both sides, but it was always cordial. There were a couple of "shout-outs" for Ron Paul, but nothing that detracted from the convention. The whole ballot issue was a giant cluster that resulted in us hanging around until 1930. I was just glad to get the hell out of there. My fun wasn't over yet though.

I walked out to my car to discover my right rear tire almost flat. I was able to add air at a nearby gas station and made it home finally around 2200, with an additional stop for air. I've obviously got a slow leak in the tire. I'm probably not going to make it back for day two because of the tire.

I sat next to Fred Staples for awhile, but didn't spot you Naran, or Scott. After the convention is finished I think they need to do a "hot wash" of the event and really try and come up with some technical solutions that will save time and help keep the event on schedule in the future.

Night all!

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(No subject)

Roger Ek
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mainemom wonders: "Roger, did

mainemom wonders:
"Roger, did your county want the convention business to begin before hundreds of delegates were able to get in and get seated?"

No, we wanted the doors opened at a reasonable hour so the business at hand could begin on schedule. Saturdays' business is not done yet, but Nevada was having the same problem at the same time. You can't blame this stuff on the full moon. When the authorities want to check every photo ID of 3,000 people it takes longer than previous conventions to check in. The people who scheduled this and had all the information could have adapted to the situation with a modicum of scheduling ability.

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Cumberland County got our

Cumberland County got our national delegates ballots at 8:10 pm or so.
We were gazing longingly at the bar set up below us.
I got out of the building at 8:20 and beheld the gorgeous super moon.
I'm sorry I didn't get a chance to meet some of my AMG friends as I had hoped.
Never got close to a hospitality room.
Did enjoy the First Lady's luncheon. Ann LePage was terrific, as was Chris Tyll, the navy seal and Maine senate candidate who introduced her.

Roger Ek
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At 12:15 AM the Best Western

At 12:15 AM the Best Western caught fire. Smoke was billowing out of the office behind the front desk. The building was evacuated and Augusta's fine fire department went into the lobby with charged fire hoses. They had the fire out in less than five minutes, but it was about 45 minutes until the smoke was cleared. The Rupublicans gathered in the parking lot used the occasion to have tailgate parties. Kathy Watson came by and I said that such scheduling never happened when she and Ann Robinson were running things. We can't blame all this on the full moon. the whole thing was what veterans will recognize as a Charlie Foxtrot.

We were allowed back into the building at 1:15 AM.

By the way, Penobscot County had the largest number of attendees at the convention. We beat out Cumberland County by ten delegates. This was due to the fine work of the Penobscot County leadership over the past couple of years.

Vic Berardelli
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Roger Ek is 100% correct. The

Roger Ek is 100% correct. The access could have been speeded and the convention could have started on time with a very simple solution.

Instead of having a line snake all the way down past the hotel and restaurant inching to just the one entrance on the left side of the Civic Center, they could have had two entrances divided (to facilitate where credentials would be found) by 1st Congressional District and 2nd Congressional District. There is a mirror-image entrance to the right side of the Civic Center, which would have made this possible but was used just for party operatives to walk in and out. The line would have moved faster and the bulk of the crowd could have been inside before 9 a.m.

Also, there should have been a jump-ahead-of-the-line special needs access. It was disgraceful that people in wheelchairs, infirmed elderly, people with back problems and others with special needs had to endure an hour or more wait in the long line instead of just getting inside comfortably. Despite the long, long wait, there is no one who would have minded their getting ahead of the line. That showed lack of pre-planning sensitivity by convention planners if the idea never even occurred to them to have signage urging this option.

On the subject of accessibility, instead of just flashing a photo of the Statehouse dome or the party convention welcome logo on the big screens, there should have been a way for the agenda item being discussed to come up on the screen. Often, delegates' kept turning to neighbors asking what they were doing at the moment due to the confusion. That would have also helped because names being nominated could be posted on the screen so people could keep track. I assume simply having a second computer for the convention secretary next to the one being used to take official minutes would do the trick.

Someone mentioned food trucks could make a killing. Kudos for clever marketing to the Paul people who walked down the line offering donuts and to a lovely lady from Kennebec County, who I think is a legislative candidate, handing out peanut snacks.

I have a question for IT experts (I'm a techo-twit) about whether it might have been possible to speed up votes and keep the agenda more on schedule: Everywhere I turned I saw delegates with cell phones, tablets and other e-devices. Is it possible to enter delegates' cell numbers into a database at point-of-registration for security checks that only delegates are accessing and then on votes simply flash on the screen: "For candidate A, text 123...for candidate B, text 456...."? Were that feasible, votes could have been concluded in a matter of minutes!

Final FYI for those delegates who wondered why their county was up in the nosebleed seats gallery: In January, Vice Chair Ruth Summer informed the State Committee that those counties which sold the most program ads (a major form of convention-subsidy revenue) would be seated closest to the podium. Then, those counties which submitted 100% properly-prepared delegate paperwork and payments by a certain cutoff date would be seated. Then the rest of the delegations would be placed to the rear. As it turned out, the record delegate turnout had some counties going all the way up into the bench-seat gallery to the upper back wall!

Stephen Carmichael
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Interesting selection with

Interesting selection with the peanuts. Could it be ignorance of food allergies, a political statement, or just plain hospitality?

I wonder if the crazy occupy lady had a lighter and paid a visit to the Best Western.

Robert Reed
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Roger Ek & Mainemom, great

Roger Ek & Mainemom, great points! There truly was a bottleneck to get in and it had a lot to do with people not being registered as delegates but arriving - perhaps a better solution would be one door for registered delegates and a separate entrance for those not registered. As to starting on time - a delay of 15-20 minutes is accpetable at these events, but an hour? Charlie was in a "damned if you do, damned if you don't" moment...but why not open the dors earlier - everyone knew this would be a big issue and how many warnings did we receive to arrive early? I do appreciate the concept of a handicap acess point.

A couple things I saw that bothered me - one man holding up two ballots for voting and then saying his wife had stepped out to the bathroom...a couple people holding up their ballot for both candidates.

And finally - what even happened to common courtesy - Tweed and Chalie both seemed to get miffed with some of the Points of Order but only rarely did they explain why they were out of order...most times just "you're out of order" explanation or an "I'm sorry but you're out of order" would have gone a long way to showing a better image...

Ain't it funny that one complaint of the current legislature is that Republicans won and then didn't know what to do with their success, but yesterday we saw the same...I do not beleive Paul/Tea Party was really ready to assume control. Their shning moment ended up being new verse, same song.

As to national committee delegates - if you had to submit your name in advance, whats the point in nominating anyone not on the list? More importantly, why not have the registration packet include a card where you fill out your name as a candidate but get two people to sign off as nominating you...That allows ballots to be pre-printed and given with your packet at checkin....ballot in hand easy to move forward.

Thanks to all I met and all the great advice and support, I look forward to being the new State Senator from Lewiston!

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The Friday before the Maine

The Friday before the Maine GOP Convention kickoff something was out-of-sync at the Convention Center. For starters, there weren't many people hanging signs for candidates. There were some for the Congressional and Senate candidates, but nothing like in the past when hanging Convention signs pre-convention was a team sport. To be fair, much of that sign hanging happened in the wee hours on Saturday morning.

But on Friday, there were no Romney people hanging signs. Romney had some lawn signs scattered over the Convention Center grounds. But inside the Center - I saw one or two guys wearing Romney baseball caps. That's it. No one was setting up the Romney Convention booth. No one was hanging Romney signs. On opening day of the Convention there were still no Romney signs hanging inside the Center.

There were lots of Ron Paul signs. And lots of signs for U.S. Senate candidates Bennett, Plowman, Schneider, Summers, Poliquin, D'Amboise. They had nice booths. Same is true for Congressional candidates Calder, Raye, Courtney, Richardson.

Maybe it's my ingrained way of seeing Maine GOP Conventions, but I was - and still am - puzzled by what appeared to be a minimal amount of input from the Romney camp. This morning, as I'm writing, I still don't know what to make of it.

The big "news," of course, was the huge turnout of Ron Paul delegates. There were enough RP delegates to elect the Convention Secretary and Chair. And to their credit, Chair Ron Tweed and the Secretary (can't recall his name right now) performed well - with help from ME GOP experienced regulars, i.e. Ann Robinson.

But a Convention meant to highlight and celebrate Maine GOP political candidates for 2012 became a Convention to elect a Convention Secretary, Chair, and 15 delegates and 15 alternates to the National GOP Convention this August in Tampa, FL. Growing pains? Perhaps. But I spoke with two candidates whose campaigns spent thousands of dollars and many hours producing videos to be used as introductions to their remarks who - who couldn't show their videos. So many hours had been used in electing the Secretary and Chair that candidate appearance time was cut to 7.5 minutes each from 20 minutes.

On the up side I think all Maine Republicans can learn something from the enthusiasm and dedication of the Ron Paul delegates. The Convention doors opened at 8:00 a.m. RP supporters were in line by 5:00 a.m. They were focused on the goal of running the Convention and then electing RP delegates/alternates to the National Convention.

Nature does abhor a vaccuum. The question for Republicans not at yesterday's Convention unhappy with yesterday's events -- where were you? Did you attend your local caucus? Did you volunteer to be a delegate or an alternate? The story of yesterday could be called, "Apathy is Expensive."

It is going to be interesting to see the extent of the Ron Paul delegates' enthusiasm for the Maine GOP. All Convention speakers were well-received: Senator Susan Collins and the several candidates for U.S. Congress. I take that as a good sign. Now it will be interesting to see how the enthusiasm runs post-Tampa.

Yesterday morning before the Convention I posted on Facebook my end goals for the Convention:

* Re-elect stronger Republican majorities to the Maine House of Representatives and Maine Senate. Thought for the Day: However miffed you might be that everything didn't go your way ...during the 125th Legislature, the cure is stronger, not weaker GOP majorities. If you want to see progress made under Gov. LePage and the GOP legislative majority disappear in a heartbeat - allow Democrats to regain a legislative majority.

* Elect Senate Majority Leader Jon Courtney to Congress in Maine's 1st Congressional District.

* Elect Senate President Kevin Raye to Congress in Maine's 2nd Congressional District.

* Keep Maine's open U.S. Senate seat in GOP hands. I've known and/or worked with all of the candidates for that office. They are all strong.

It's obvious, Convention delegates can disagree with my choice of candidates. That said, it will be interesting to see to what extent the Ron Paul delegates help elect non-Ron Paul Republicans to the U.S. Senate, U.S. House, and local Maine Legislative races.

Final point: delegates asked several times yesterday for a Convention head count. That is, How many credentialed delegates had shown up at the Convention? And how did the total number of credentialed delegates square with the total number of votes cast for Covention Secretary, Chair, and national convention delegates? It's an important question because the only people supposed to be voting at the Convention are credentialed delegates.

As of this writing I've not seen an answer to that question.

I left the Convention around 9:30 last night and was greeted by a huge, bright full moon. A reported biggest full moon of the year. "A full moon," I thought. "Of course. Of course."


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So....I was at the convention

So....I was at the convention and like Naran (don't know how I missed you) was in the York delegation. Now, I am NOT an RP supporter and increbibly lukewarm to Romney....will support whoever is nominated. However, on the whole, the RP supporters were engaging and fine. The obvious frustration of Charlie Webster trying every move possible to was an embarassment. In fact, after several tries at overturning the chairman/secretary results, I was proud of the audience and all "camps' putting a resounding end to the antics and moving forward. Here, we have youth and excitement and record attendance and we try to lock them out. Maine GOP listen up....this is about a lot more than the presidential election. It's about keeping the Maine house, senate and governor and making real change. So embrace them and stop acting better than's embarassing. I talked to a number of the young RP example, a dude with dreads, gauged and probably drove a VW van. He was wearing a Lepage sticker. I said, why you wearing that? His reply, "He's keeping his promises. I work 3 jobs and took off this weekend to be here but it's important." Hello? Hello? and I usually agree 90%, but you are way off on this one. Side notes:
1. Having caucus meetings in the bleachers (York/Cumberland) were a joke, that decision maker should be made to sit there for 12 hours
2. Lot's of volunteers busted their behinds yesterday at teh civic center
3. It won't happen, but the Maine GOP could take a great lesson in grassroots organization based on yesterday
4. We have a great bunch of candidates running for office
5. It was a pleasure meeting a bunch of you although it wasn't as jcmcards ;-)

GW Rudmin
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It was a long day Saturday,

It was a long day Saturday, for everyone. When I went to bed last night, I was upset that the convention had been "hijacked". However, after a good night's rest, I applaud the Ron Paul supporters for their organization. I agree with Vic Berardelli that the new, young faces who came to the convention yesterday will revitalize the GOP. For many of them, the continuing war(s) and the staggering national debt for which they will be paying are the issues which have attracted them, rightfully, to Congressman Paul. He's also the only unequivocally pro-life Presidential candidate. I would vote for Ron Paul for President, although I expect Governor Romney to be the nominee. I suspect, after speaking with them, that some of the Ron Paul supporters will become Democrats (again) or "Unenrolled" or Green (again) on Monday. They will not be supporting Romney in the general election. But, I think, most of the Ron Paul supporters ARE true Republicans (whatever that means).

I didn't understand why delegates and alternates were allowed to sit together in the convention. No municipality should have been allowed more than it's allocated number of "voting delegates" (a combination of delegates and alternates, as needed) on the voting floor. I suspect that's how Franklin County had more votes cast for the Chairmanship than there were actual registered delegates. In my opinion, only actual voting delegates should have been allowed on the main floor. Alternates who weren't needed to complement a municipal delegation should have been sitting in the balcony. It wasn't clear to me why Chairman Tweed called a delegate out of order for questioning the accuracy of the vote that allowed him to be the Chairman.

The entire, very lax and inaccurate, voting process was ripe for shenanigans from either or any camp. For me, the disorganization of the convention logistics in separating the voting delegations from the unneeded alternates mocked the integrity of the entire convention. It was easily preventable and it shouldn't have happened.

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Scott, hello and thanks to

Scott, hello and thanks to you and all posters about the convention. 4 years ago I went as a Wash Co del. Vowed I wouldn' sit thru another caucus, much less a convention. Well I had to go to the caucus to vote for DR Paul. (my fraternity house roomate).I am impressed that the convention did not erupt in riots. Other than meeting Scott last time, I only know Jon Reisman in person at ASG.

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I had a great time Saturday

I had a great time Saturday at the convention. Was it disorganized, yes, Charlie Neville narrated it well. The management did not have a procedure in place to count the outcome of the votes, period... did not have a procedure in place for a national delegate list once the nominations were set, or a secure procedure in place for the voting of national delegates, and that goes to the management and leadership of the convention, and the republican leadership. Was it a clustermess, yes. Was it the fault of the people attending, no, they all did a great job standing for their choices.

Something people need to realize is, this process of electing a nominee for president will be over soon, but the memory of how we were treated will not be. forgotten. Many of us are just very concerned Mainers who understand we need to change directions in both parties, and many of you are calling us many adjectives, but it leads to Ron Paulites.

So, what are you going to call us next, after this process??? really doesn't matter to'll be calling many of us for help, because you see our strategy works, but, like I told Charlie last night, he has done nothing but divide us, and embarrass the party lately, and we need a person who can unite us, and it should be clear, he isn't it...
I had a few goals yesterday, and it was nothing to much to do with the national election, it was to help elect committee representatives, like many who we worked with.

We, as a party and state, can't throw rocks if our own house is made of glass, and we need to realize we are a welfare state.

And if watching what has transpired since Feb 11th in the republican party leadership, hasn't made you aware that we need to change course, nothing will I'm afraid...we need a fresh set of eyes, new leadership, and work more toward uniting us, than dividing, because frankly, we can only help ourselves, and no one is coming to save us, nor should we want them to...

Bruce Libby
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Or the question that come to

Or the question that come to mind ,in the end does RP want to be president ,or is there another agenda/s ?
Sort of like another RP experience in the past. Funny the initials match I wonder what else does ?

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well Bruce, in Maine, for the

well Bruce, in Maine, for the most part, it is a movement back to person responsibility, less government (meaning less restrictive government regulation and rules, and unneeded bureaucracy), lower taxes, and more opportunity for all Mainers who want to strive for prosperity.
Our government is restricting not promoting, by rules, regulations, insurance and so forth. The Maine and National governments are literally choosing winners and losers, redistributing the wealth, and retarding our economy through these type of destructive policies imho...
And their are many republicans in our party, along with career politicians in our party, who are in the business of going along with this for their own self interests.
We need to get back to a fair balance of government vs the people, and until we become part of this simple solution, our people and state as a whole will continue to be effected negatively.

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jmcards, where am I way

jmcards, where am I way off?
I don't see any difference between your depiction of the event and mine.
I, too, thought the RP people were fine.

I am not clear who the ballot nazis I mentioned were; they were just as likely to have been from the "establishment," trying whatever they could to disenfranchise the RP people. What I do know is their efforts didn't make the day any better for the delegates, or the candidates.

My specific criticism of the Tweed decision to throw out the ballots stands. It was unnecessary, impractical, and inefficient.

And my complaint about holding the Cumberland County caucus in the balcony stands as well. (My reference was NOT to where we sat in convention setting, we were on the floor.)

We'd have been better off caucusing in the parking lot, with a microphone.

Roger, fantastic turnout by your county, but as I listened to the count read by Jan Love from the podium, Cumberland County did indeed have the largest representation.

As for alternates sitting with delegates, Charlie Webster announced several times that alternates and guests were supposed to be seated in the balcony behind the stage.

Why didn't town chairs cooperate?

GW Rudmin
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mainemom: "As for alternates

mainemom: "As for alternates sitting with delegates, Charlie Webster announced several times that alternates and guests were supposed to be seated in the balcony behind the stage. Why didn't town chairs cooperate?"

I happen to be the Town Chair, but I wasn't the Delegation Chair. I never heard or perhaps never understood that announcement by Charlie Webster. And, even if I did, what authority would a delegation chair have to send someone from his/her town over to the balcony behind the dais? Was ANYONE sitting there? A couple of people, maybe. The voting delegation should have been credentialed by security and separated from the non-voting Alternates and guests. Voting with ballots for the Chair could have been done in minutes and with certainty rather than in 1 1/2 hours with lingering doubt. It's all over now. Politically, it was pretty much a wasted day for me. My hope is that I won the gun raffle. And I DID meet some wonderful people and had some great conversations.

Lance Harvell
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Yesterday after having my

Yesterday after having my conservative credentials challenged by Ron Paul supporters. I went to Aaron Libby and told him I wanted my name removed as an endorsor of Ron Paul. I witnessed the cult of personality in person. I heard from countless conservative legislators who are being called establishment members who have had enough. The damge done to those who worked countless years may never be undone. This litmus test being required reminds me of where history always ends these things and not good.

And what has been acomplished? they torpedoed a ship and have climed on board clainming a victory. Aaron Libby told me this wouldn't have happened if Charlie Webster had just given them the delagtes they asked for. They didn't win the sate and wanted the majority. How could Charlie who is party chairman allow the will of the voters to be overun? This is a disaster these people would have tarred and feathered Reagan unbelievable.

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Worth repeating. Scott

Worth repeating.

Scott wrote:
Nature does abhor a vacuum. The question for Republicans not at yesterday's Convention unhappy with yesterday's events -- where were you? Did you attend your local caucus? Did you volunteer to be a delegate or an alternate? The story of yesterday could be called, "Apathy is Expensive.


It's easy to criticize -- but many hands make lighter work. I hope all who attended this year will make a better effort to be involved with their county and town committees over the next couple years --- IF they're not already doing so.

---> I fully recognize that most AMG members are already doing that, and far more besides.

--> Some of the suggestions for procedure and running future conventions are good ones, particularly with regard to handicapped access. I hope everyone will make an effort to organize their ideas, and send them to the GOP team.

When you do so, however, please keep the cost aspect in mind. It would have taken a much larger convention staff to handle some of the ideas put forth, such as separate district entrances; or additional staff needed to ensure that all alternates sat in a separate area. Where is that money going to come from?

--> In order to keep things flowing better at the convention, they could have doubled the staffers -- but who was going to pay for it?

If anyone has further updates from Augusta, please let us know. Thank you.

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FYI -->

Charles Cragin, a Romney supporter who lost Saturday’s bid to chair the convention, calls the turn of events “bizarre.” He says the Paul-led delegation may not be seated at the national convention because of violations of rules of procedure this weekend in Augusta.


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