Messianic Fellowship in Maine?

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Messianic Fellowship in Maine?

The Spirit seems to be leading me to investigate the roots of my Christianity to be found in Judeaism, and to respect God's chosen People from whom my Savior (and all of his Disciples) sprang as well as their re-gathered after many years Nation of Israel.

Now I know that this will put me at odds with a number of my Christian Bretheren, many of whom have little use if not overt contempt for the "Zionists", and I have to be careful when discussing this topic in "Christian" circles.

Be that as it may; I now recognize that many of our "Christian" traditions, holidays etc. are more Pagan in origin than "Christian" and are mostly a fabrication of a religious establishment, mainly the Catholic Church. These apostasies have been perpetuated and promoted by mainstream Protestantism while the feasts and traditions of Yeshua HaMashiach (Jesus the Christ) have been suppressed and essentially forgotten over the centuries, while a deep rift of alienation has formed between the Jewish and Christian communities.

This enmity between us has resulted in centuries of persecution and genocide, and is one of Satan's most powerful and effective weapons to wield against God's Kingdom here on Earth.

Prior to our King's return, I believe that this rift must be healed and not only Jews need to recognize their Messiah, but Christians need to return, spiritually, to where He comes from.

I've been a sorry excuse for a Christian lately, hardly ever going to Church any more. But on the eve of Rosh Hoshanna (Feast of Trumpets) I hike up to the top of the hill we live on and sound my ram's horn "shofar" in celebration. I'm trying to learn to say the Shema Yisrael prayer in Hebrew, and feel increasingly drawn to the "Messianic" form of prayer and worship.

I would love to make pilgrimage to Israel, and were it not for family ties would be tempted to make Aliya (immigrate to Israel).

Am I crazy (my family is convinced of it) .... or am I coming Home?

I would like to fellowship with a Messianic community - maybe not a hard core one that insists on keeping Kosher and getting all legalistic as some apparently do - but one that acknowledges the critical familial connections between the Jewish roots and the Christian branches.
The closest one I know of is in Portland, ( ) ..but current medical conditions preclude my driving all that far on a regular basis.

Does anyone know of a Messianic fellowship, Synagog, or even a home study group in the area between Augusta and Lewiston some place?

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I don't want to discourage

I don't want to discourage you by endorsing your pilgrimage but I never felt so in tune
with my Messiah until I hand wrote the 613 instructions of Torah.

Your speech is noteworthy also. We have been taught many Babylonian and pagan words.
It is pleasing to stop using them. Every day of the week names we use are for pagan gods.

We are not Hebrew, do not let the lack of language dismay you. YHWH will meet you where you are.

I have no Shofar, I eat more kosher only because some things we eat are not really food, but I am not perfect in this.
I keep none of the pagan holidays but have little support regarding learning the real ones.

The commercial Babylonian "sat"/6th day (very bad word) Sabbath is not correct because our Gregorian calendar is
not scriptural, the month is 28 days and the Sabbath can be any day of the week in 28 day cycle processions.

I only say Jesus as not to be a barbarian to fellow Christians, but hey-sus is not His name as you note. The letter J is only 400 to 600 years old and is the letter "i" with a hook (for our jaw I presume.

Anyway, please continue on that path and enlighten those in your circle of influence.

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I know of the Midcoast

I know of the Midcoast Messianic Fellowship in Belfast.

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