MILLINOCKET - Wood boiler ban frustrates council

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MILLINOCKET - Wood boiler ban frustrates council
Michelle Anderson
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MILLINOCKET - Wood boiler ban frustrates council

I promise I will try not to get snide here, but this is like being tied to the railroad tracks, the train humming toward you at 70 mph, and worrying about a hangnail!

On top of that:

The whole concept is insane. If I drive too fast on my motorcycle, does the town outlaw motorcycles? Or simply institute a fine to keep people from going too fast?

Steven Scharf
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There was another more

There was another more involved thread on Millinocket and wood boiler, but I could not find it.

Portland Press Herald Online
Funding sought for Maine furnace plant

Submitted By The Associated Press
on Friday, Jun. 26 at 10:20 am

MILLINOCKET -- A Rockport housing developer is seeking funding in hopes of building a $20 million biomass furnace factory in Millinocket that could create up to 150 jobs in the future.

Joseph Cloutier, president of RE-Gen LLC, is soliciting the town's help in securing up to $10 million in federally tax-exempt bonds through the Finance Authority of Maine. He met Thursday in executive session with the Town Council, which is expressing support for the project.

Cloutier told the Bangor Daily News that his plan calls for a 50,000-square-foot plant to manufacture biomass gasification furnaces that would be large enough to heat schools, hospitals, and office and apartment buildings.

Joe Cloutier is a guy who gets things done.

He had wanted to do a tri-generation system at his Bayside development project in Portland and share the energy with his neighbor, the new Intermed building bulit by Ted West. Guess what, because the projects were under different ownerships, they could not sell energy to each other, only could sell it to CMP.

I wonder what kind of roadblocks get put in Joe's way for this excellent eco devlopment for Maine.

Steven Scharf

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