The Modern Love Thy Neighbor Christian

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The Modern Love Thy Neighbor Christian

My liberal-voting Christian friends sincerely point to Jesus's emphasis on the commandment to love thy neighbor as moral inspiration for their politics.

I'm not someone who quotes scripture in conversations, but I have to wonder, are these kind and thoughtful Christians cognizant that Jesus placed this "love commandment" second to the commandment to love the Lord thy God with all your heart, all your soul, and all your mind?

And if they are aware of that, what does it mean to them?

To me, it means a Christian must surrender heart and mind to the Word of God, and from there, to take a loving stance toward one's neighbor.
This formulation is a not-so-subtle distinction from the lazier interpretation of "love thy neighbor" that requires nothing of the Christian in terms of faith and doctrine.

Am I on the right track?

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MaineMom, If you are a "mom"

If you are a "mom" consider your love for your own child. Do you not love them when you discipline them?
Love is not blanket approval and tolerance unless you live in total anarchy. God does not promote anarchy, the adversary does, so in
God's world there are boundaries and rules.

I studied Torah because I wanted to have a better understanding of what sin was and how to better love God and my neighbor.
I am saved by Grace alone, but do not desire to wander around in total ignorance of the Law, I am so in awe of Grace that I want to be careful of how I walk under that unmerited protection showing myself to be a grateful and adoring subject of my Lord.

Pastors who mislead will have the blood of their sheep on their hands. "Pastor" is a very serious and sober mantle to wear. There will be much wailing and gnashing of teeth according to the Word.

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