MPBN agitprop for environmental left

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Jon Reisman
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MPBN agitprop for environmental left

Maine Public Broadcasting reporter Susan Sharon did an unfair and unbalanced hit piece on global warming and the GOP gubernatorial candidates last night.

This is not the first time, but it should be the last. Our tax dollars should not be supporting this mouthpiece for the environmental left.

Roger Ek
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The BDN has employed a long

The BDN has employed a long string of environmental reporters paid to promote the environmental industry's agenda. There is never a voice from the other side.

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She seems particularly taken

She seems particularly taken aback by the former University president who questions the very premise of her unproven argument:
In fact, Beardsley challenged the science outright. "I believe we should be focusing on our economy rather than chasing after issues that haven't been proven in science," he said.

Was there no reference to East Anglia in her "news" broadcast? I did appreciate her tossing in "Oh, BTW, all the Democrat candidates, and Peter Mills, drank the kool aid..."

Mark T. Cenci
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I wonder if it even occured

I wonder if it even occured to her to inquire as to the funding these institutions of lower living might be receiving from a hyper-active gov't? Clearly she belives the "petroleum geologists" are biased. Does she not know that college professors have boat payments and kids in need of braces?

Dan Billings
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Here is the story. The whole

Here is the story.

The whole question is a silly one for candidates for Governor. Even if one is convinced that man is causing global warming, can the State of Maine do anything about it? If we end all of Maine's carbon production tomorrow and allow the whole state to grow back to forests that would have no impact at all on the global situation.

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Heresy, heresy. If Maine and

Heresy, heresy. If Maine and the U.S. stop using oil the planet will be saved , but we aren't arrogant. It's settled science you know. By the way ,did you folks know anyone can belong to the Union of Concerned Scientists ? You only have to send in your dues you don't have to be a scientist or have anything to do with science , but it sure looks impressive when they issue reports about manmade global warming .

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