Mrs. Santa Brought "Blink"

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Mrs. Santa Brought "Blink"

Has anyone read "Blink" by [url=]Malcolm Gladwell[/url]? My wife gave it to me for Christmas (I finished it by the end of Christmas night).

The premise of the book is to discuss how the human brain "thin-slices" information-- that is, how our brains take and filter information to make snap judgements.

Anyhoo-- there is a section where he discusses how we as humans make and detect unconscious facial expressions that indicate our emotion (happy, sad, lying, etc.).

There is a chapter that discusses an expert in the field who studies these facial expressions and noted that Bill Clinton has what he calls a "hand-in-the-cookie-jar, love-me-Mommy-because-I'm-a-rascal look" (which the researcher can quantify). He tried to offer his services to the Clinton administration to help teach Bill not to do it, but Clinton's administration declined because they didn't want Bubba to be know for seeing an 'expert on lying'.

Really fascinating book (I recommend his first book as well-- "The Tipping Point")

Any other good reads this holiday season?

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Mrs. Santa Brought "Blink"

I haven't read the book, it sounds fascinating. However, I have to say I could spot that look on Slick Willy's face a long time ago, without expert help. There's another, more colloquial term for his usual expression - "Sh*t Eating Grin" comes to mind.

What I have to question is why someone would offer to help him not do it. That's kind of disingenuous, methinks.

Could it possibly have been a LOBBYIST, perchance?

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