national war against Constitutional sheriffs?

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national war against Constitutional sheriffs?

Recently sheriffs across the nation have expressed a distancing of themselves from federal agencies and tyrannical, unconstitutional gun control laws.

Now I see where Colorado is drafting anti-sheriff legislation. Some woman legislator in Texas also introduced anti-sheriff legislation.
Joe Biden's son is attorney general in New Jersey and started talking last fall about stripping sheriffs of arrest powers.

Sheriff Joe in Arizona has been dogging the president's phony paper trail which would draw ire towards him anyway, but being a chip off the old Mack, Joe likely was a target anyway.

When I lived in Ohio decades ago, I had occasion to meet with the sheriff, I think it was Mercer County, Pennsylvania. They had already been reduced to just a court paper serving organization that ran a county jail. No deputies to patrol anything, no investigations, all law enforcement was under the authority of the coal miner killing Pennsylvania State Police. (Ohio vowed to NEVER have a state police due to what the PSP had done and to this day have a state highway patrol).

I would ask that if anyone gets any wind of sheriff's authority being challenged here in Maine that they would alert this message board.
Many sheriffs will not be enforcing UN treaties that over ride the US Constitution and may need our help. Constitutional Sheriffs are this country's last hope.