NFIB/ME Endorses Raye for Congress

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'[Raye]’s a small business owner, a long-time NFIB member and one of the most consistent supporters of small businesses in the state Legislature.' Read More
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NFIB/ME Endorses Raye for Congress

Thu, 09/13/2012 - 2:40pm
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Augusta (September 5, 2012) – The National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB) today announced its support for Republican candidate Kevin Raye in the hotly contested 2nd Congressional District in Maine.

“Kevin Raye is the clear choice for small businesses in Maine,” said Lisa Goeas, NFIB Vice President of Political and Grassroots. “He’s a small business owner, a long-time NFIB member and one of the most consistent supporters of small businesses in the state Legislature.”

Goeas noted that as a state senator, Raye notched a perfect 100-percent score on the last NFIB Voting Record and he is a strong supporter of key small business initiatives, such as lower health care costs, lower taxes and fewer regulations. His opponent, on the other hand, Rep. Mike Michaud, earned a 23 percent on small business issues in the last Congress and so far this session, he has voted against NFIB’s position on every key bill.

“Those are starkly different records on small business issues and that’s where the rubber meets the road,” said Goeas. “Every candidate talks about supporting small business but Kevin Raye is the only candidate in this race with the record to back that up.”

NFIB State Director David Clough, who has worked closely with Raye in Augusta, said his experience as a small business owner informs his decisions as a state representative.

“There’s really no substitute for the experience that comes with running a small business,” said Clough. “Kevin knows exactly how tough it is to survive in this economy and he knows what must be done in Washington to turn things around.”

Raye and his wife own and operate the Eastport-based Raye’s Mustard, the only stone-ground mustard mill in North America. That experience has made him keenly aware of the challenges that small business owners face in dealing with higher taxes and costly regulations imposed by the federal government.

His endorsement comes from NFIB’s Save America’s Free Enterprise Trust (SAFE), the association’s political action committee, and is based on positions regarding key small-business issues including health care, taxes, and labor and regulatory issues.

Small-business owners and their employees vote in high numbers and are known for actively recruiting friends, family members and acquaintances to go to the polls. NFIB will encourage its members in Maine to help turn out the small-business vote for Kevin Raye this coming Election Day.

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