No, Buffy, the Gadsden Flag isn't a Confederate Flag

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No, Buffy, the Gadsden Flag isn't a Confederate Flag

After reading some of the vitriolic, incorrect comments from various union/state budget discussions on other sites, I thought perhaps we could start a thread to correct the various MISinformation being passed around as factual.

Here's my initial contribution:

No, the Gadsden Flag is NOT a Confederate flag.

Some union supporters are alleging that the Gadsden is a Confederate flag, and accusing those carrying this flag at rallies of being "America-Haters," and "racist." As most AMG members know, that's not true. The Gadsden is a Flag from the American Revolutionary War.

The History of the Gadsden Flag


By 1775, the snake symbol wasn't just being printed in newspapers. It was appearing all over the colonies: on uniform buttons, on paper money, and of course, on banners and flags.

The snake symbol morphed quite a bit during its rapid, widespread adoption. It wasn't cut up into pieces anymore. And it was usually shown as an American timber rattlesnake, not a generic serpent.



Frankly, I think it's a wonderful symbol for those who support fiscal responsibility, and American ideals. It says "we won't bow to tyrants," and "don't start a fight you're not willing to finish."

Other contributions to the thread are welcome, as you see examples that need correction.

Thank you.

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We may need to get some

We may need to get some smaller flags -- "AMERICAN REVOLUTIONARY WAR FLAG" to attach to the poles... honestly.

Roger Ek
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I flew Commodore Ezek

I flew Commodore Ezek Hopkins' battle flag in my front yard throughout the Clinton presidency. When George Bush was inaugurated we had a flag raising and I ran the Stars and Stripes up the pole for the first time in eight years. We had hot cider and donuts for the patriots who attended.

Unfortunately, the base of my flag pole rusted through along with our freedoms during the Bush presidency as "homeland security" was imposed on us.

"Congress chose a Rhode Island man, (Esek)sic Hopkins, as the commander-in-chief of the Navy. The flag that Hopkins used as his personal standard on the Alfred is the one we would now recognize. It's likely that John Paul Jones, as the first lieutenant on the Alfred, ran it up the gaff."

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Attacks on the MHPC and

[u]Attacks on the MHPC and Tarren Bragdon[/u]

The MHPC Bragdon/salary has been a topic of increasing venom on other sites. It has been alleged that his salary is $136K, as if that were a crime. (I believe that figure includes benefits and other compensation).

The MHPC has become "Union Enemy Number One," since Bragdon worked on the Transition Team, and helped craft the new budget. Also, the MHPC report saying Maine should eliminate some 3,000 state employees wasn't well received in some quarters. Then we have the supposed "improper" email that solicited MHPC donations, with several going to state employees.* The email wasn't improper, but that doesn't stop some from spreading lies, regardless.

Since MHPC is a private organization, the attackers can't get information on donors, and funding. They don't like the MHPC message, so they're going after Bragdon for supposedly making a "fat-cat" salary.

Basically, the Mantra is this:

"Money for Republicans and Private Sector and Non-Union Members ---> BAD."

"Money for Democrats and Govt. Workers and Union Members ---> GOOD."

[u]Here's some other "information" being posted on various sites[/u]:

-- I have been repeatedly accused of "being paid by the Koch brothers." (don't I wish).

-- I have been repeatedly "accused" of being a board member on MHPC, as if that's some kind of crime. (I'm not an MHPC board member, but that's not the point). (And I would be proud if I were).

-- I was asked if I "agreed that the MHPC and other partisan organizations should be stripped of their non-profit status."

In response, I asked whether partisan organizations like the SEIU, MSEA, MAR, NEA, and MEA should be stripped of their non-profit status.


It's clear the talking points are being handed out by Dem and Union leaders, to be repeated by the parrots among their members.

As I wrote to one, the least they could do is some basic research, before writing such embarrassingly wrongheaded "facts" as those about the Gadsden.


* (those state employees had signed up for emails on the MHPC site, according to Bragdon).

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Bump, in response to a

Bump, in response to a request.

Doug Thomas
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The colonists convinced

The colonists convinced British troops the woods were full of poisonous snakes. When the troops stayed on the road to avoid the snakes they were easier to shoot. The flag reminded them of the snakes.

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Thank you, Doug. Good

Thank you, Doug. Good information, and history.

I still can't believe the "you hate America" tripe being dished out by some of the pro-union agitators on this kind of issue. Imagine, trying to say that using the Gadsden flag means someone is "anti-American."

The vitriol, ignorance, and hate are out in full force, from some factions.

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