Obama involved in gun selling conspiracy

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Obama involved in gun selling conspiracy


Clearly Obama has been working with gun manufacturers to scare people into buying a ton of guns they don't need, by "threatening" to apply gun control. You can't *prove* there wasn't a payoff. Maybe gun manufacturers were all buying his books to launder illegal proceeds to him! Show me the proof that he didn't do it! Who else would be buying "The Audacity of Hope"?

Now that Trump has crashed the party, gun manufacturers have had to layoff people. Thanks, Trump.

The "guns sold" graph tells the whole story... take this story and put it together with the wiretapping "scandal", and we KNOW what's going on!

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The only conspiracy I know is

The only conspiracy I know is fact is the Obama & Holder gun running operation to supply Mexican rug cartels with high quality weapons that include long range sniper rifles capable of taking out the competition at one mile. They did that and nobody went to jail. Their plan resulted in the murders of two American border patrol agents and the deaths of hundreds of Mexicans in Mexico. If we step back and consider this history, this is what progressives do every single time, everywhere in the world. They had an appropriate name for their treason: "Fast and Furious".

They went into completely legal private businesses, bought completely legal firearms and once in possession of those arms they committed felonies by delivering those weapons to Mexican drug cartels. I hope that our new attorney general digs deep and finds the traitorous felons who committed these crimes and that the perps get life in a super-max somewhere. Gitmo comes to mind.

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Roger, it is even worse than

Roger, it is even worse than that. FFL dealers were calling ATF telling them about the badguys buying firearms, and were told to let it go BY ATF. Fortunately, some dealers documented these exchanges.

Given the bleating of the Mexican government in favor of disarming US civilians, F&F would seem to be an argument for their participation in the Trump border wall. The wall would, however, interfere with cartel activities.

The likelihood that BHO was secretly (intentionally) promoting firearm sales is about negative 12. The greater likelihood is that F&F was one of the "under the radar" efforts to create a crisis that could, a la Rahm Emanuel, be exploited in a call for more disarmament.

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Stop me if you heard this one

Stop me if you heard this one before, but thanks to the ineptitude of the Obama administration the plan failed.

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Fast and Furious Court

Fast and Furious Court Victory for Judicial Watch


This is an important story about Judicial Watch’s complicated and complex investigation into the Obama administration’s deadly Operation Fast and Furious scandal.  And this is one story that should be shared far and wide.

Sharing far and wide.

The media seems to have forgotten F & F but Judicial Watch remains hot on it's trail.

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If the justice department,

If the justice department, which is still 99% Hillary and Obama, ever finishes F & F, they can begin on their gun running operation from Ben Ghazi to Syria. What would the media do if a Republican had grubstaked ISIS and left Americans to die at the hands of Muslim terrorists? Ambassador Chris Stevens may have been about to blow the whistle and killed for that reason.

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