Plymouth/Dixmont: The way life should be

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bob emrich
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Plymouth/Dixmont: The way life should be

Many of you know that I am the Pastor of the church in Plymouth. You may or may not know that we are in the middle of major renovations/addition to our facilities.
On Saturday, a group from the East Dixmont Community Church came to Plymouth to help us work on the building. We had a wonderful time working, laughing and eating. (The ladies from the Dixmont Church brought lunch) We had great fellowship and got a lot of work done. And Pastor Tim Boone and I managed to solve most of the world's problem to boot! :)
On behalf of the Church in Plymouth, I applaud our neighbors in East Dixmont and thank them for the wonderful kindness.
(And if the lady who made the Chili reads this..... call me)

Maine is a great place to live.

Henry Clay
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Plymouth/Dixmont: The way life should be

What a great thing! Glad it was a good weekend for you and the church Bob.

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