Poliquin consultant: Astroturf is 'good campaigning'

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Fred Prince
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Poliquin consultant: Astroturf is 'good campaigning'

We've all seen Bruce Poliquin's campaign antics online- teenagers setting up the fake 'NRA members for Bruce' website, endless blog comments, the Otten video, and on and on. We all know Bruce Poliquin's campaign is being run by a Tennessee consultant named Tyler Harber, who has major legal problems in his background and who Tennessee bloggers say hacked their GOP Chair's email address.

So this article should put it all in perspective: Bruce Poliquin's campaign consultant Tyler Harber, in Politics Magazine.

Astroturfing is Campaigning
...if you examine the strategy and effect of astroturfing, you’ll quickly realize that it is actually just good campaigning and has been used by candidates and organizations for decades to grow actual bases of support.
...Building a legitimate grassroots movement of support for first time or unknown candidates means first creating the perception that there are people out there that are already supporting them....snip
...In the campaign world we don’t call it astroturfing, we call it base building.

here's the link

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Russ Belt
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accuracy counts. not all

accuracy counts. not all items fred prince lists are tied to poliquin's campaign, such as the otten youtube.

one other thing, the politics magazine link to tyler harber's blogging post isn't working.

Ed Brown
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The link works correctly, but

The link works correctly, but here is a better one not geared for mobile phones:

This issue with Mr. Poliquin and Mr. Harber gets more astounding every day. What we are seeing in this article casts a bad light on Mr. Poliquin's campaign- he is essentially advocating for tricking Maine voters into thinking he has support. This makes the high school students make more sense to me.

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Mr. Poliquin is out telling

Mr. Poliquin is out telling everyone he will bring "competent management" to Augusta and this is who he gets to run his campaign? All show and no result - astroturfing does not equal votes. I hope Mr. Poliquin was clued into this with his dismal showing at the caucuses this past weekend. He has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars on astroturfing at the recommendation of his dirty trick consultant and the result - virtually no support at the caucuses as can be scene through the straw polls.

One of the Poliquin astroturfing staffers said that the guy from Tennessee was at the Bangor caucus to observe his orchestrated astroturfing events. Mr. Poliquin reads this blog so I pose this question. A competent manager would discover what is going on and then buy this guy a one way ticket back south. Mr. Poliquin are you going to be a competent manager or are you going to continue to pay someone to astroturf for your campaign?

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I am late to the game on this

I am late to the game on this one. I saw the thread that Poliquin is anti-gun but who is this Tyler Harber?

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What's with all the crying

What's with all the crying about an agressive campaign approach? Like him or not, one must respect that he is playing to win.

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Is this really the kind of

Is this really the kind of thing we want here poisoning politics in Maine.

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It's already here. The

It's already here. The Democrats have used this type of approach for years. Finally an agressive Republican steps into the fray. I am not endorsing any candidate, however this agressive approach will only help all the GOPers to raise thier game.

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