Pray for Barack Obama's salvation

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Pray for Barack Obama's salvation

This is a man who was abandoned by parents, quite possibly abused as a child, raised by leftists and tutored by communists, exposed to and taught and who practiced the Muslim faith, and whose basic exposure to anything resembling Christianity was at the hands of Rev Wright, a follower of 'liberation theology', a coworker with Louis Farrakhan (Nation of Islam), and someone who wishes the damnation of America.

I've become convinced that this is a very wounded individual who has been used and molded into the caricature we see today. He may well be the instrument by which America collapses--but the man Barack Obama may yet turn and repent and seek the genuine Gospel. Please pray that the true Christ is revealed to him.

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Well said, Vike - Already

Well said, Vike - Already doing that, and for everyone else working as leaders - from the Pres to the Dog Catcher. God instituted three institutions: Marriage, Family, Government. We need to respect them if no one else does, just like we need to respect humanity even if humanity doesn't respect themselves.

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It's harder praying for some

It's harder praying for some than others, but it does pay off - even for yourself.

He had a difficult background, but it is that same aimless lack of morality that marks his life that guides his following, he is a result of our culture, not a cause of it.

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We pray and are reminded to

We pray and are reminded to pray for our nation's leaders, even though we may disagree with them, weekly at our church. All are in need of Jesus's message of salvation. I will admit that such prayers come hard from me, but they do come, nonetheless. It is what we are called to do, as follwers of Jesus Christ.

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