Pre Existing Conditions

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Pre Existing Conditions

I should know this but cannot find a discussion of it. I understand what pre-existing condition means in the normal sense. Lets say I am 35 years old and have never had insurance because I am healthy and didn't want to spend the money. Now I am married with kids and decide that buying health insurance is the thing to do. I get insurance and some month later after a physical exam discover that I have cancer and have had it for a couple of years. That is a pre-existing condition and it is covered. Now lets say the same thing (too cheap to buy insurance) but I have the physical exam before I get insurance and know I have cancer. I may have even been treated for it. If I hop in my car and scurry to the insurance office and apply for insurance well after I have been diagnosed and before I have insurance. Is that covered?

If the 2nd scenario is covered then the transaction is not insurance. It is welfare. The pre-existing condition clause was used to encourage health young people to buy insurance because they are the ones who actually pay for all the sick people's treatment. That is also why Obozo's plan required everyone to buy insurance....the young healthy people's money.

Any ideas?

Tom C
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I know there was an insurance

I know there was an insurance loophole where if you had high deductible insurance, and found out you had a condition that needed expensive treatment, you could then switch to the low-deductible insurance. Buying my own insurance for years, I've noticed that the difference in premium in many cases is about the amount of the deductible, so the savings would be limited.

Those who buy their own insurance, like me, are a small minority. Most people are covered by employer insurance, (including government employees,) government insurance of various types (primarily Medicare and Medicaid,) spouse's insurance, or have no insurance. I don't think many young people are jumping into buying their own insurance.

But the problem with healthcare isn't the insurance. Despite the claims of "greedy insurance companies,) premiums are a function of health insurance cost. In Maine, the premiums are limited to a percentage of the costs, although there are accounting tricks to shift that a little bit.

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@Tom C: "But the problem with

@Tom C: "But the problem with healthcare isn't the insurance."

This is 100% correct. Everyone likes to dump on insurers because they aren't warm and cuddly but the fact of the matter is health care costs more than it did 30 years ago because you didn't have Lipitor, boner pills, shoulder & hip replacements that are so efficient that you are walking within days, MRIs, a zillion different cancer treatments, etc.

That shit isn't free as much as we'd like to think it is.

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