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The Washington swamp is full of criminal activity past and present ....and Sessions focuses on this........

It seems rather hypocritical to be the party of individual and states rights and then to advocate for a federal crack down on pot....just dumb and a waste of time energy and money.....But I guess if you can’t bring charges up against people who have endangered national security and scoffed at the constitution the next best thing you can do is bust that dirt yhippie smoking a just wow

Bruce Libby
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The answer is changing the

The answer is changing the laws not suspending them.
The action taken by Obama was wrong.
This is where Congress should act , the laws are at best archaic .
It is kind of hypocritical to denounce an action when he original action was denounced to begin with. Slowly it is being realized locally and nationwide the zeal with "freedom to get high", is starting to have issues associated with the freedom.

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