Progressive Blueprint: Eviscerate GOP Leaders, Win the Talking Points, Own the Issues Landscape

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Progressive Blueprint: Eviscerate GOP Leaders, Win the Talking Points, Own the Issues Landscape

This secret memo comes out of a tax-exempt (501-c-3!) organization in North Carolina, but is there any doubt that a similar strategy has long been in play among the Maine Peoples Alliance, Mike Tippings, Gerald Weinands of the Maine political world?

Is there any doubt that the Democrats work hand-in-hand with the activists and organizations that employ these tactics?

“The most effective way to mitigate the worst legislation is to weaken our opponents’ ability to govern by crippling their leaders"

“eviscerate the leadership and weaken their ability to govern”

Is there any doubt that the PPH has become their willing tool? They eliminated anonymous comments, thus enabling the progressives to employ the strategy of target and destroy on conservative commenters. They ran an article on Jeff Weinstein of the Gun Owners group, not to air his views, but to research his background and cast doubt on his legitimacy as a spokesman.

There is much, much more :

Stack public events with activists who will adhere to the narrative; sustained letter-to-the-editor and Op-ed program; define the governor and stick to that narrative.

Use poll data that shows hard work, fairness, accountability, personal responsibility should be fundamental points of emphasis to shape all talking points. Depict Republican positions as contrary to these values while upholding progressive positions as supporting these values, no matter the true outcomes in the real world.

Use poll data showing a "clear sense" that hardworking taxpayers are getting the short end of the stick at the expense of the wealthiest to neutralize Republican efforts at tax reform. Paint any Republican tax reform plan as favoring the wealthy and harming hardworking families, even before the details are known.

Frame all discussion of on-line, for-profit charter schools as taking money away from children and giving it to unaccountable corporations.

Grab free media by staging events and "direct action" that trumpet the progressive narrative.

And so on.

Armed with facts and truth, Republicans and conservatives come to the political trenches only to be blown away by progressives armed with bazookas.
Time to adopt their tactics.

Credit: Instapundit, The Other McCain, PJ Tatler

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Well said, Mainemom, and

Well said, Mainemom, and thank you.

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In business when another

In business when another company has a successful sales tactic.... they encourage you to "benchmark' . I wonder if we
supposed conservatives are bright enough to do the same.Thanks mainemom that was enlightening to say the least.

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Speaking of liberal

Speaking of liberal progressives who wish utter control by Maine Democrats....

This is hilarious. Mike Tipping, complaining that MPBN has its new Legislative channel "locked down hard," so he posts detailed instructions on how to defeat the channel's limits on sharing the broadcasts.

I could almost welcome Tipping to the world of liberty and personal freedom, but I know he only supports freedom when it suits his personal, liberal agenda. I guess he doesn't think MPBN should have any ownership rights.

Tipping - Liberating the Capitol Connection Video Feed

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And what does Mr. Tipping

And what does Mr. Tipping wish to do with the clips he steals in this manner?
Eviscerate Republicans, of course!

Melvin Udall
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Two things jump out at me as

Two things jump out at me as I read this thread and then the referenced material.

1) The absolute devotion and commitment to grabbing, retaining, and exercising power over the masses that is part of the life force of liberals and democrats as they seek to impose their coercive utopian vision upon the little people. It is addictive to them, is just as ruinous as crack cocaine, or anything else you care to come up with.

In all my years, I can't recall ever meeting a Republican or conservative who was consumed by a lust to live forever in a position of power over the unwashed. I'm not saying they don't exist; just that I have never been in the presence of one.

2) That the game plan laid out is not a soul-searching treatise on how to make sure that the Dems/libs have the best policies and ideas for moving votes, but instead, a mafioso like plan to obliterate all competition by whatever means it takes, with no attention to legality, truth, sportsmanship, or any other hint of adherence to a code of conduct that just might occasionally dabble in integrity and ethics.

Here again, I cannot recall ever meeting or being in the presence of any Republican/conservative who believed absolutely that the ends justify the means, and therefore Machiavellian theory is just a starting point.

And there-in lies the problem, doesn't it? The Dems love power more, and are willing to sacrifice just about anything to get it. And that they do, especially when low information voters are the new American standard.

And this is also why Democrats and liberals are so especially vile, even compared to the vile Republicans, of which there are more than enough to make any debate murky.

This is not, in so many words, a battle of ideas. And best ideas don't win. This is war without rules, without honor, and without truth.

When all the standards are gone, we get what we've got.

Sad, but short of psyche transplants for conservatives, I don't know a way out of the mess we're in.

You feed the pigeons, you get more pigeons, and other truisms.

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Melvin considering the recent

Melvin considering the recent track record of conservative and R candidates.... we need to change tactics.... or it won't matter. We keep bringing a knife to a gun fight and expecting to win.

David Allen
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Melvin, this is what jumps

Melvin, this is what jumps out at me. You and others keep labeling Democrats and liberals as "vile" or some other perjorative. That might work in red state, but Republicans are in a minority in Maine. Maine is a blue state. You might win people over if you come up with rational reasons why people should switch and vote Republican. It's not impossible as the 2010 elections show. But you and people like Watcher and others on this site will never win them over by calling them dumb or vile or whatever. You keep calling the majority of voters names, and you'll never win them over. Maine voters are not stupid. Democrats are not vile. Republicans are not always right. Your post adds nothing to a rational discussion of issues.

J. McKane
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Mr. Allen, please re-read

Mr. Allen, please re-read Melvin's post. I don't think you got what he was saying - and it was said well.

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A state that never saw a bond

A state that never saw a bond package it didn't like isn't full of stupid voters?
I'm with Melvin on this one.
I wouldn't be at all surprised to see JE Baldacci back in the saddle again in 2014.
THAT is exactly how stupid the voters in this state are.

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Straight forward tactics can

Straight forward tactics can win. Use words the Dems. cherish like "sustainability". The state government is on an unsustainable path as is the Federal government. Use another of their favorites "it's for the children" as in these budget cuts ore for the children so they will not have such a heavy tax burden in their working lives. Use "choice" the D's are always talking about it (they usually are referring to abortion) as in school choice, religious choice, choice not to be politically correct. If we as Republicans think we are better equipped to govern, we have to show it in words. The more intelligent our arguments,the more they will be published. William F. Buckley was on Public TV forever---a network that is not known as a Republican bastion. The American people are looking for a party that will elevate the debate---the D's certainly will not do it---it is time for us to step up.

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Asuboff is right about

Asuboff is right about co-opting the terms, eg "for the children."

But who is the audience?
The readers of the editorial page? That handful of moderately informed people is not going to turn the tide.
And who's going to deliver the messages, when the moment you begin to have some influence, the progressive war machine cranks up to take you down, your business and associations along with you.
We elected a governor who made this all too easy for them, for while he's mostly right on policy, his approach and style quickly became a weapon to be used against him.
Meanwhile we fight amongst ourselves, employing gloves-off words and tactics that ought to be reserved for the opposition.

I have some thoughts about all this but can't put them on an open forum.

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Thinking further about

Thinking further about Asuboff's comment, I like the "choice" formulation. Young people are drawn in by it.

However, young people have been raised to embrace altruism as the highest ideal and they see altruism as the legitimate mission of government. (This is a generality, there are the obvious libertarian exceptions.)

For them, the call to altruism justifies the welfare state as well as legislative efforts to make the economy "fair." Because they don't really know what any of that means in a concrete way (force, imprisonment, market distortions, unemployment, poverty), they are easily swayed by progressives who appeal to their sense of fairness, using such formulations as "Americans for a fair economy" and so forth.

Once drawn in, they are all too eager to have the IRS in everyone's living room and a judge in every board room. They have come to view freedom in the economic sphere as harmful to the people, not beneficial.

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Young people are drawn to it

Young people are drawn to it because they have been "softened up" by an entrenched social justice advocating teaching establishment.
Education and the way it is used is determining they way this country is headed.
The lessons our youth are being taught are false.
The lessons they are about to be taught when reality hits will be a far harsher teacher, but those lessons will be remembered well.
The generation that went through the great depression is pretty much gone and along with them went the collective memory of just what reality can do to a nation that felt so full of itself during the roaring twenties.
The majority of the people we allow our children to be indoctrinated by have never seen a bad day in their lives compared to their parents that survived that depression.

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Ugenetoo Tue, 02/26/2013 -

Ugenetoo Tue, 02/26/2013 - #13: "... the collective memory of just what reality can do to a nation that felt so full of itself during the roaring twenties. The majority of the people we allow our children to be indoctrinated by have never seen a bad day in their lives compared to their parents that survived that depression."

The prosperity and self confidence of the 1920s did not cause the depression, but was blamed for it by progressives who exploited deeper cultural belief in sacrifice as an "ideal" to keep the entire nation in a depression they turned into a Great Depression for a decade. People living through it learned the reality of what economic hardship can be, but like today's education, aka indoctrination, were not taught what causes it and what makes prosperity possible.

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Email from tax-exempt

Email from tax-exempt Organizing For Action (Obama For America's new identity) goes after Congressional Republicans on the sequester.

Watch the usual suspects spout nonsense about "job layoffs, reduced access to early education, slower emergency response, slashed health care, and more people living on the street."
And foolishness about "tax loopholes for millionaires and billionaires, oil companies, vacation homes, and private jet owners."
And nauseating pap about "asking the wealthy to pay their fair share so that we can protect programs that are incredibly important for working and middle-class Americans."

Beth O'Connor
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Bingo Mainemom! "However,

Bingo Mainemom! "However, young people have been raised to embrace altruism as the highest ideal and they see altruism as the legitimate mission of government. (This is a generality, there are the obvious libertarian exceptions.)"

Some of those kids have a rude awakening coming I fear. I'll keep teaching my children to be self sufficient and assure them continually that nothing, nothing is is extracted from the hides of your friends and neighbors and it is extracted by government force.

David Allen, nice post. You do get more flies with sugar than vinegar. It has taken me a while to get that down ( :

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The liberals have convinced

The liberals have convinced the majority of voters that we can tax and spend our way out of debt and into prosperity.
And for many of those voters it's true they have a public sector job with good benefits and pay or an entitlement program with good benefits and pay that allows them to live a lifestyle they choose.They have panicked the SS crowd with the bogeyman of conservatives disemboweling their monthly checks.
Where the money comes from ,thin air or more taxes is of no concern to them. They all feel good ... choice , fair share,equality, diversity........
The conservative message of fiscal and personal responsibility does not resonate with them in the least.

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The Communists' technique

The Communists' technique leading up to the Russian Revolution were similar to the D's/progressives today. The Communists used "front" organizations of sympathizers (fellow travelers) to push their agenda. Communists were small in number, but through agitation, unrest (chaos) and the aid of the fellow travelers, succeded beyond expectations. I recommend reading a biography of Lenin.
Once the fellow travelers had served their purpose they were discarded. The Communists would "take no prisoners".

Roger Ek
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I recommend "The Forgotten

I recommend "The Forgotten Man" by Amity Schlaes. I spent the summer of 2010 with that book. It is a scholarly work and details the rise of the "Travelers" who got their instructions in Moscow and set out the progressive agenda for our nation. A whole shipload of these people went to Russia to study their model.

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Week of March 4, 2013

Week of March 4, 2013 illustration of this stratgey in action here in Maine:
The take-down of Jonathan McKane before the legislature's IFS committee considering his appointment to the Dirigo Board.

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