Question: Non-Profits and Property Tax

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Question about Non-Profits and the Property Tax
Thu, 05/23/2013 - 9:51pm
Posted by Melvin Udall

501(c)3 is a federal status granting 'non-profit' designation. As is 501(c)4.

I've always assumed that the status applies not only to federal income tax, but to state income tax and property taxes as well.

I have a lengthy list of properties exempted from property taxes in Brunswick. The major ones, aside from those owned by government, are the hospitals, Bowdoin College, Churches, and the like.

I have heard recently that whether or not a non-profit pays municipal property tax is not a matter of law, per se, but rather a discretionary call made by the town and the organization.

Can anyone clarify how this works for me? Is it true that Brunswick could just tell Bowdoin, 'hey.....from here on out, you start paying property tax?'

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