Rangers cracking down on Acadia park partying

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Rangers cracking down on Acadia park partying

Rangers have arrested 10 people so far on a variety of charges and logged close to 40 drug and alcohol cases, [url=http://www.bangornews.com/news/templates/?a=137586]an increase over the usual yearly average of two to six arrests[/url], rangers said. The park's statistics for this June showed an 11 percent drop in visitors over the same time last year.

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Rangers cracking down on Acadia park partying

My wife and I, with her granddaughter, camped at Blackwoods Campground the 2nd and 3rd weeks of June. MOst sites were occupied, the loop road seemed more busy than other years, and at the top of Cadilac Mt., lots of people and cars.

Some campers were loud, boisterous, but they were families (large) that enjoyed their time together. I didn't see suspicious activity at the campground. We could deal with the noise of the neigbor-family affairs, as they quieted at mid-nite or so.

As far as I'm concerned, fewer visitors is okay. The park is over-crowded in many of the most attractive places. Though the wife and I drove my pick-up, I'd rather have taken the shuttle bus (if I'd been by myself).

The park has done an excellent job in maintaining/restoring the campground with new bathrooms, refreshed tent sites, etc.

The health of spruce trees is distressing. They suffer from air pollution (fog/smog), and soil compaction. Many trees have leaders that are dead, the foliage (needles on a branch) are thinning out, i.e. sparse, and many trees are dead.

These are my impressions, not scientific observations made from appropriate sampling, etc.

Mt. Desert Island is a beautiful place.

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Rangers cracking down on Acadia park partying

[b]Man fined for being naked in national park [/b]

[quote]BANGOR- A federal judge has ordered a man to pay a $215 fine for being naked in Acadia National Park.
. . .
U.S. Magistrate Judge Margaret Kravchuk ordered Boggia, who had been warned previously by park rangers not to swim or sunbathe naked in the park, to pay the fine.

. . .

Lake Wood is listed on about.com as one of 38 places in Maine known for nude sunbathing and swimming.

. . .[/quote]


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Rangers cracking down on Acadia park partying

[quote] Toward that end, Wilson said that his staff has launched a crackdown on folks who receive citations for illegal activity in the park. They are starting to arrest people who haven't paid their tickets, the ranger said. One Bar Harbor man, John Tinker, 18, spent the night in Hancock County Jail for nonpayment of fines.

"There was a long history in the past about the park not being real good about follow-up on tickets," Wilson said. "Without some type of consistency, I think that if you don't pay your fines, that [seems] OK at Acadia. We're going to send the word back that it's not."[/quote]

I guess they are! Bet that young man will think twice next time he tears up a ticket.

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A lawsuit brought against

A lawsuit brought against park rangers by a former local restaurant employee who claimed his rights were violated during a nighttime outing to Day Mountain two years ago has been settled, according to officials.

The park has agreed to pay $45,000 to Timothy Wild in exchange for him dropping his case against Acadia law enforcement officers.

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