For real- LePage's press person is a RAPPER

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For real- LePage's press person is a RAPPER

Wow. Adrienne Bennett is a rapper. Not kidding.

This is Gov Lepage's Press Secretary.

"Sensual, sad and cynical. Super Ego on the beat."

Click to listen with this link. It's......amazing.

This one's really something, full of the N-word over and over again, a collaboration with Poetris breaking it down in the middle:

And this one starts, "Man bang them upside the mother fu*&ing head with a classic, you know how we do"

Here's LePage's Press Secretary 's profile:

"I’m a dreamer and a fighter dangerous to some
I’m a leader with desire the fire you love
I’m a realist laced with a visionary rush
I’m a poet using words with never enough
I’m complexity compounded with a simple touch
I’m an advocate and activist for peace of mind
I’m a loner and stranger to myself sometimes
I’m an instigator not a hater by design
I’m a mother and worker from 9 to 5
I’m an artist that can envision between lines
I’m a woman with secrets and free to decide"

This is really....something. These links have more songs to enjoy.

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This usually changes shocks

This usually shocks people who like Rap music:

The first Rapper?

--Norman Dolph
An American songwriter
(age 76 in 2015)

Here is the First 'rap song', written by Norman Dolph And it is not B Diddy or 50 Cent who sings it.More than 40 years ago....:

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Fascinating article about the

Fascinating article about the use of "blaccent" by white people:
How Iggy Azalea mastered her ‘blaccent’

"The most remarkable thing about Azalea was the audiovisual gimmick: a towering blonde spitting in unmistakably black tones....
Many critics found it offensive that Azalea would appropriate an accent so clearly not hers...
“The question is why? Why is her mimicry of sonic Blackness okay?” Brittney Cooper, a culture critic and assistant professor at Rutgers, said in an essay.

Others have compared Azalea’s vocal style to the transgressions of a minstrel act. Rapper Jean Grae described her voice as “verbal blackface.”...

The “blaccent” controversy, as the rapper Eve called it, recently attracted the attention of linguists Maeve Eberhardt and Kara Freeman, who listened to and analyzed Azalea’s entire discography. In a July paper for the highly regarded Journal of Sociolinguistics, they argue that the rapper’s songs reveal remarkable fluency in the sounds and syntax of what linguists call “African American English.”

Washington Post

This article is a really interesting read, regardless of your opinion on this kind of thing.

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Humorous that someone went

Humorous that someone went back to 2007 to find dirt....

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