Reality Catching Up to the Political Class

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Reality Catching Up to the Political Class, Scott Rasmussen
Mon, 09/02/2013 - 3:49pm
Posted by woodcanoe

A new idea on the "decentralization" of America!

......."Official Washington is always a decade or two behind the American people.......... and it’s true today........ The devices and connectivity so essential to modern life put unprecedented power in the hands of every individual — a radical redistribution of power that our traditional institutions don’t and perhaps can’t understand".......

......."In America, power is decentralizing and individuals are being empowered. While the trend has been building for decades, the politicians are just starting to recognize it.......... many expected the American people would rise up in revolt when the so-called “cuts” (sequester) took effect. Instead, no one noticed....... For those in power, that was a terrible glimpse into the reality of how irrelevant much of what they do has become"........

Something like this was explained to me many years ago..... with the advent of cable TV and later the internet. In the old days of 3 TV networks the programming was decided upon by those running the networks. I remember how much we all trusted "Uncle Walter Cronkite". It was said that the expansion of new places to get information would lead to the viewer (end user) deciding what he or she was going to read/watch. This article is describing much the same thing as it relates to all the places Americans can now get information from, way beyond the canned trash that has come from our political class for many years now.

Yeah to the idea that DC may become more "irrelevant" as time goes by!



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