Report chronicles widespread, horrific abuse in Ireland's Catholic-run reformatories and orphanages

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Traci G
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my suggestion was a real one.

my suggestion was a real one. Not an attack is like you calling me an idiot in the thread where you are pro-pedophilia. That victim thing is getting old and use it alot. Dont be hating the Catholic Church because they dont agree with your lifestyle.....move on with yourself....validation and acceptance of your own lifestyle choices starts with you.

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Joined: 04/09/2005 - 12:01am all new low...even all new low...even from you. Please post what you say is an attack on you that I have posted on the other thread. Again, let's back up your statements with fact..

You cannot defend your position with a valid source on the other thread so now you start the mud slinging. It is calculated and spiteful.

As for know nothing about me or mine. I have not made this personal, you have. That's fine...however, it is exactly the type of attack you seem to say you do not support.

By the way..I am still waiting for a valid source for your statement on the other thread. Something tells me...I will be waiting for a good


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