Republic of Korea (South!) sends troops to Iraq

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Republic of Korea (South!) sends troops to Iraq

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by Shin Jung-rok ( Roh Moo-hyun said Wednesday that the government's decision to send troops to Iraq is in line with its plan to deal wisely with the nuclear crisis on the peninsula and secure peace. "The decision was made based on strategic and practical reasons," he said. "Logic or justice was not the top consideration."
Speaking at the commencement ceremony for the 3rd Military Academy, President Roh said, "When Korea-U.S. relations are steadier, it will be possible to solve the nuclear problem and improve relations between the North and the United States." Roh promised that no war here disapproved by South Korea would occur, and said that Korea-U.S.-Japan relations must be strengthened. "Because of practical reasons like these, the government decided to send troops to the Iraq war," he said. Roh asked for the public's understanding, saying, "Peace on the peninsula was given top priority in making the decision." Also on Wednesday, Yoo In-tae, the senior presidential adviser for political affairs, met with leaders of civic groups to explain the "inevitability" of the decision to send troops. Sexcam