Republicans for SSM

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bob emrich
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Republicans for SSM

It is sad to see my friend, Dan Demeritt giving his public support to efforts to redefine marriage in Maine. I remember Dan's request to work for our campaign to protect marriage. We could not afford his work.

(joined by: Karl Turner, Stacey Fitts, Merideth Strang-Burgess, Rep. David Richardson and Ted O’Meara.)

Dan Demeritt
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Bob, I am a huge fan of the


I am a huge fan of the work people of faith do to help pregnant women choose life. About the time I was leaving the governor's office the Legislature was defeating every "abortion" issue before it. The fact that I needed work and you needed help getting organized is what brought me to your door. I continue to appreciate your willingness to talk and wish you well in the important work all people of faith do to limit abortion.

I hope you received this email from September of 2011 in which I point out that I differed with your organization on the marriage issue. I thought it was a pretty fair explanation at the time and again today.


From: Dan Demeritt []
Sent: Wednesday, September 14, 2011 2:08 AM
To: Carroll L. Conley (;
Subject: greetings


I have appreciated the chances we have had to talk about political organizing. I really do think your organization has the potential to take a leap forward in terms of influence in Maine politics. And I am very supportive of all the work you and your members do to help women choose life for their unborn babies. Planned or not, babies should always be looked upon as a cherished blessing for a birth or adoptive family.

I have been thinking a lot about my own views on a range of issues and watching what is coming down the road in the coming months. While I understand and respect the position you will be taking on the gay marriage question, we will differ on the issue.

I do not anticipate a role in next year’s campaign in support of the ballot initiative. Nevertheless, given the political talks we have had, I wanted to reach out to let you know of this key difference in our points of view. Clearly our differences would prevent us from working together on this issue.

I hope your summer went well.



Dan Demeritt, MBA
(207) 215-4544

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Did Mr. Demeritt support

Did Mr. Demeritt support same-sex "marriage" the last time Maine went through this? If not, perhaps he could explain his change, or conversely, why he supports same-sex "marriage".

Mike Lange
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Ah, yes. Dan Demeritt. I'm

Ah, yes. Dan Demeritt. I'm really going to follow his advice ...

Portland Press Herald archives

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I believe that the party

I believe that the party platform has something to say about SSM.

So, since Dan, Meredith, et al., don't believe in that part of the platform, they cannot be called Republicans. After all, one must support the ENTIRE platform to be considered a Republican. That is what zealots such as Violet and others have been spewing for quite a while.

Right, Violet?

Jim Cyr
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I wonder if Demeritt et al.

I wonder if Demeritt et al. support any other radical notions.....

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I listened to a lot of the

I listened to a lot of the exchange between he and George on WVOM this morning on my way to work, and there is NO way I would atrribute him to being a republican, certainly not a conservative. He completely dismissed, skirted, or trivialized any ideas people brought forth for discussion. It was like listening to liberal talk radio and I finally had to change the channel due to frustration.

Thank you for your opinion, but if you are unable to rationally discuss it, what's the point in being on the radio?

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