RIP Eddie Driscoll

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RIP Eddie Driscoll

Longtime TV personality Eddie Driscoll dies at 81
September 24, 2006

PORTLAND, Maine --Eddie Driscoll, a longtime television personality who entertained Maine viewers with a madcap assortment of characters for more than 30 years, died Saturday. He was 81.

Driscoll was a broadcasting pioneer who began his television career in 1954 at WTWO-TV in Bangor, later to become WLBZ-TV, the day the station went on the air.


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RIP Eddie Driscoll

A few years ago, the station did a tribute to Eddie Driscoll. At that time he was still living at home, being cared for by his dear wife. Eddie had Alzheimer's but still responded to the camera with his big smile and sparkling eyes. He was quite the funny guy...

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RIP Eddie Driscoll

Throughout my first career with the BDN, I got to know Eddie very well. I found him to be a very naturally funny person with a huge heart. But also very modest. In a way, he missed his calling on a national level.

May he rest comfortably in the arms of the Lord.

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Well I was saddened to read our friend Eddie passed. But I will always remember his witty humor on Supertime Supper Show, Weird, Outer Limits and of course Dailing for Dollars. I grew up watching Eddie and a bunch of us in the old neighborhood had a Weird Fan Club and some great pictures of Eddie as Uncle Gory to Story Teller of those old Monster Movies.

Rest well Eddie, YOU WILL BE MISSED by a lot of us Mainers.


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RIP Eddie Driscoll

Eddie was absolutely brilliant at what he did, which was essentially improvisational...
From D for D to Uncle Gory to his 'dog' Mason Mutt, and his myriad characters, he was quick on the uptake, as they say.
Pretty much unscripted, I would guess.
God bless him.


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RIP Eddie Driscoll

I used to love Dialing for Dollars. In fact, we were just talking about that program a week ago. I had no idea where Eddie Driscoll was, but now I know.

Indeed, rest in peace.

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RIP Eddie Driscoll

I grew up watching Eddie. One of the many benefits of a day home sick from school was being able to watch Dialing for Dollars. What a great legacy that all you did was bring smiles to people...Rest in Peace Brother.....

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