Romans ~ Verse-by-Verse

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Romans ~ Verse-by-Verse

I love the book of Romans :)
So, I just wanted to share something...

There are numerous studies available by so many good pastor/teachers, but one of my favorite pastors who does excellent verse-by-verse studies is Joe Focht, Senior pastor of [url=]Calvary Chapel - Philadelphia[/url]. He uses a KJV for his studies, explaining the Hebrew or Greek meanings of words as he goes along. Applicable historical and cultural information is introduced, with the source of said information included (which I like).

He is currently doing a verse-by-verse study of Romans. You can hear him on WJCX 99.5 FM at 0800, M-F.

What I appreciate as well is he reminds Christians to be like the Bereans [url=]Acts 17:11[/url] (love that verse).

If you can't get that station in your area of Maine, you can download all his verse-by-verse messages (through the Bible), the radio messages, topical studies, teaching packages, etc. for free. I purchased the former studies on CD mp3s a long time ago. They are available on flash drive now.
I've downloaded two of his teaching packages, one on the Holy Spirit and the other on Discouragment/Trials for free, both have been a real help to me.

'Give him a listen' if you can. It will be worth your while.

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I was blessed to be able to

I was blessed to be able to listen to Joe every morning while driving a few years ago but lost him for a while. I really looked forward to his style/delivery and messages. I will try to tune him in again but the 99.5 is not the strongest station to try to get on the radio.

I am excited about Calvary Chapel across the board from Chuck Smith on down to our own really with it Ken Graves in Bangor.

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