Russia and the 2016 election

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Russia and the 2016 election

The government (FBI and Justice Department) have concluded that the Russians attempted to effect the election in favor of Trump. If this conclusion is valid, they must know what the Russians did and how they did it. They are not saying because their conclusion is without proof or even validity.

There have been five occasions when the winner did not get the majority of the vote. There probably have been more because the popular vote was not even taken until the early 1800s. This is because the system favors the more populous states which, because of our mercantile economic system favors bigger government control of the economy.

According to the government's own statistics, 232 million were eligible to vote in 2016, yet 139 million did not. It is irrational to assume that if these 139 million voted that the split would be the same as for those who did. I was one who took the time to go to the polls and write in none of the above and know of others who voted for fringe candidates that appeared on the State ballots. How many of the 139 million would have done the same will never be known unless that option is allowed on the ballot.

We were designed to be a republic but never achieved that lofty status nor even a Democracy but try to act like one. The problem is in a Democracy 51% of the people can exploit the other 49% which makes it difficult, if not impossible to unseat at the ballot box.