Slimeballs in our government

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Slimeballs in our government

Watch and see what low class, hypocritical liars and purveyrs of hate we have in our Congress. If you are Democrat and are not embarrassed by this classless gaggle of Communists/Socialist pigs, you too are one of them.

Dems are lethal to America

Do not listen to what I say...listen to what I said I said.

Thomas Carter
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For a moment, I thought this

For a moment, I thought this thread was about Rob Porter, newly departed White House Staff Secretary and wife beater. Zero security clearance and handling top secret information for Mango Mussolini, all the while banging Hope Hicks, serial loser-dater.

But alas, another thread about your bogeymen. Carry on.

Al Amoling
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Actually this thread was

Actually this thread was clear enough in it's title to know that it was about slime ball Democrats like you.

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They are all just pikers

They are all just pikers compared to bubba Clinton.......but at least he would have told her "you better put some ice on that"

Robert Reed
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Hope Hicks? For a moment

Hope Hicks? For a moment there I thought that was a reference to the Clintons.

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