The SOROS Beneficiaries

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The SOROS Beneficiaries

a partial list of groups funded by Open Society and Tides in 2008:

The Proteus Fund passed some of his lucre along to Maine. Haven't looked at the others.

Alliance for Climate Protection $5,000,000.00
Drug Policy Institute $4,000,000.00
Media Development and Loan Fund $3,900,000.00
American Constitution Society $3,650,000.00
Proteus Fund $3,200,000.00
Revenue Watch Institute $3,000,000.00
Tides Foundation $2,875,000.00
Third Way $2,250,000.00
Tides Center $2,100,000.00
Public Interest Projects $1,700,000.00
Rudolf Steiner Foundation $1,530,000.00
Center for Independent Media $1,500,000.00
Working America Education Fund $1,169,000.00
Project Vote $1,066,000.00
Center for NYC Neighborhoods $1,000,000.00
Center for American Progress $1,000,000.00
Link Media $1,000,000.00
Foundation to Promote Open Society $1,000,000.00
Center for Community Change $805,000.00
Catalist $801,000.00
Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Education $775,000.00
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities $750,000.00 $750,000.00
Institute for America’s Future $700,000.00
National Security Archive Fund $695,000.00
William J Brennan Center $675,000.00
Media Matters $625,000.00
NRDC $620,000.00
The Advancement Project $600,000.00
Public Justice Center $575,000.00
Community Rights Center $500,000.00
People for the American Way $500,000.00
Living Cities $500,000.00
La Raza $500,000.00
Center for Progressive Leadership $500,000.00
Center for Investigative Reporting $476,000.00
Protex a network for progressive texas $473,000.00
NAACP $450,000.00
Free Press, Florence, Mass $450,000.00
Demos $450,000.00
ABA Fund for Justice $400,000.00
Project Vote $400,000.00
Focus Project $400,000.00
National Women’s Law Center $400,000.00
EFF $400,000.00
Civic Engagement Fund $400,000.00
Center for Progressive Reform $400,000.00
Tides Center $382,000.00
Center for Independent Media $350,000.00
Due Process of Law Foundation $315,000.00
Grassroots Leadership $305,000.00
Project on Government Oversight $300,000.00
Progressive States Foundation $300,000.00
League of Young Voters Education Fund $300,000.00
Justice Policy Center $300,000.00
Drum Major Institute $300,000.00
Center for Responsible lending $300,000.00
Center for Political Accountability $300,000.00
Center for Democracy and Technology $300,000.00
Center for Democracy and Freedom $300,000.00
ACORN $294,000.00
Consumer Federation of America $275,000.00
Natl Consumer Law Center $250,000.00
American Library Assoc. $250,000.00
Union of Concerned Scientists $250,000.00
Govt accountability project $250,000.00
Ella Baker Center for Human Rights in Calif $250,000.00
EarthJustice $250,000.00
Amnesty Intl $250,000.00
American Assoc for Social Justice $250,000.00
Center for Progressive Leadership $250,000.00
George Washington U $240,000.00
Capital Litigation Communications Project $230,000.00
Public Interest Research Group $230,000.00
Foundation for National Progress $225,000.00
USAction Coalition $205,000.00
American Judicature Society $200,000.00
Human Rights Campaign Foundation $200,000.00
Alliance for Justice $200,000.00
Consumers Union $200,000.00
Critical Resistance $200,000.00
Center for Constitutional Rights $200,000.00
Movement Strategy Center Oakland $200,000.00
Center for Public Interest Research $200,000.00
Natl Institut Money in state politics $160,000.00
Center for Community Change $160,000.00
Wired on Wheels $150,000.00
Colorado Center Law and Policy $150,000.00
Ruckus Society $150,000.00
United for a Fair Economy $150,000.00
Progressive America Fund – center for working families $150,000.00
Oregon Center for Public Policy $150,000.00
Apollo Alliance $150,000.00
Drum Major Institute $150,000.00
Civic Justice $125,000.00
center for responsive politics $125,000.00
Center for Media Justice $125,000.00
Center for International Policy $120,000.00
Oregon Progress Forun $100,000.00
New Democracy Project $100,000.00
USAction Coalition $100,000.00
EarthRights International $100,000.00
Illinois Campaign for Judicial Reform $100,000.00
Democracy a Journal of Ideas $100,000.00
Center for public accountability $100,000.00
Progress Michigan $100,000.00
Political Research Assoc $100,000.00
Center for Public Interest Research $100,000.00
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities $100,000.00
Missouri Citizen Education Fund $90,000.00
ProgressOhio Education $90,000.00
PETA $81,000.00
Michigan Citizens Eduication Fund $80,000.00
Pennsylvanians for Modern Courts $75,000.00
Virginia Organizing Project $75,000.00
Institute for Policy Studies $60,000.00
Campaign for America’s Future $55,000.00
People for the American Way $54,000.00
George Mason U $49,000.00
Iowa Citzen Action Network Education Foundation $40,000.00
VoterPunch $40,000.00
DemocracyinAction $35,000.00
Ducks Unlimited $2,025.00

Melvin Udall
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Center on Budget and Policy

Center on Budget and Policy Priorities $750,000.00

I believe this is the outfit that essentially initiated and sponsored the start up of our beloved MECEP, led by the iconic Kit St. John.

It wouldn't surprise me a bit if part of the latter's revenue flows from Soros on an annual basis.

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And the grassroots Tea Party

And the grassroots Tea Party movement defeated all that money in 2010. Gives one a bit of hope.

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Soros is one evil man

Soros is one evil man

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A measly two grand for Ducks

A measly two grand for Ducks Unlimited?!!!?

Melvin Udall
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Yeah, but look how much he

Yeah, but look how much he gave to Loons and Goons Unlimited!

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