"sources" and fake news

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"sources" and fake news

I am so tired of seeing "news" listed as from "undisclosed sources". If you can't say WHO said it, then it looses its importance of WHAT was said.
"We heard from a reliable source today that a person changed his party registration from Democratic to Republican". That is not important news.
" The Democratic Governor of West Virginia announced his change of party affiliation to Republican." Now that IS news.

Imagine that the news is, " A source said that you said #$@&&% ! " In today's high tech electronic world, isn't it possible to steal your E-mail address and send offensive mail to someone else?
Today on MSNBC there is a story that a "source" says a commentator sent offensive material to a fellow worker years ago.
It's not news because it was years ago, or that it was offensive or that ir was from one worker to another. It's news today because it is a slam against Fox News. Every piece of the news is important including the truth of the source.