State-of-the-Art Mobile Data Acquisition Vehicle

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State-of-the-Art Mobile Data Acquisition Vehicle

I was in the boonies of Washington County today in Marion Township setting up a road traverse
on a one lane woods road when I ran into:

As there was a clearing just behind him, he backed up and I pulled up beside him and we had a chat.

Well I was very impressed with his truck, as I was setting up to map the road the old fashioned way due to canopy, and the lettering on his truck stated "Precision Mapping" and also the four cameras on top of the truck got my attention.

After preliminary chit-chat, I asked what was he up to. His answer was that he was updating the Federal road database and I said are you serious, here we are on an old woods road out in no-where and the road dead ends a half mile the way you are heading and the feds are concerned?

He said that was his job and he is doing this all over the U.S. I mean this guy has been around, Oregon,
Minnesota, etc as we discussed surveying issues around the nation.

His next stop is to map all the woods roads in Aroostook County.

Am I being a bit disingenuous?

Bob MacGregor
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State-of-the-Art Mobile Data Acquisition Vehicle

Did you see this car anywhere in the vicinity?


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