Suggestions for a Maine Official State Song'?

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Any Suggestions for a Maine Official State Song'?
Tue, 02/19/2013 - 5:05pm
Posted by Empirefalls

This morning's WVOM-fm 103.9 radio host Ric Tyler,George Hale, and Jay-something did a hour segment for nominating an offical rock song for the state of Maine. There were many good recommendations. I tried calling in but the phone lines were jammed packed.

If it was someone from here who emailed in with a Queen song,that was the best.

By the end of today's workday, the best nominee i could come up with was 'Dont Worry,Be Happy'., not really a winner nor a really a rock song, I think it means bills are piling up,etc, but things are going to get better. [yea, right]

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