Switchblades now legal in New Hampshire

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Tom C
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Switchblades now legal in New Hampshire

A new state law signed by Gov. John Lynch on Tuesday removes the penalty for carrying or selling switchblades -- along with stilettos, dirk and dagger knives.

"All we did was get rid of an old, antiquated law that was enacted in the 1950s," said Rep. Jennifer Coffey, R-Andover, prime sponsor of the legislation. "We need laws on criminal activities, not on objects."

Switchblade knives now legal in NH

One dealer charged under the old law was able to ask for his old inventory back. Well, most of it, anyway:

Unfortunately, approximately one third of the knives seized by the police remain unaccounted for, having disappeared from the evidence room.

Police Ordered to Return NH Dealer’s Switchblade Inventory

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Watch for NH cops using

Watch for NH cops using purloined blades to split their jelly doughnuts and spread cream cheeze on their bagels...

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Maine should follow suit. The

Maine should follow suit. The prohibition is a solution in search of a problem.

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With the newer knives having

With the newer knives having a thumb peg which means you can open a knife quickly with one hand makes the switchblade law outdated and meaningless.

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I wonder if anyone will be

I wonder if anyone will be disciplined for the "dissapearance" of the knives. It looks like to citizens need protection from the cops.

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Many N.H. stores have been

Many N.H. stores have been selling assisted opening knives openly for years . That is a button on top of handle not a side peg on blade. Guess they only occaisionally enforced the law . I seem to recall even" wally world" was selling them.

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There is no legit reason why

There is no legit reason why these knives are not allowed for "the unwashed masses" (ie: not military or police) here in Maine either. Anyone who thinks otherwise watches too many movies. The knives that we CAN have, don't open any slower and are able to open with a single hand with ease anyway. The days of shady characters with a "switch-blade" tucked in his sock, hell bent on doing a bad deed he couldn't otherwise do with any other knife in the same situation, is limited to B movies and those who take them as a "Documentary" rather than entertainment. Aside from the dramatic pause and the evil grin while the camera zooms in on the blade opening, it's just a knife, and as with any other tool, its only going to be used as wrongly as the owner intends it to. The problem is that too many "wet behind the ears, liberal, knee-jerk, reactionary thinkers" tend to get their panties in a bunch whenever they hear the word "switchblade" so they continue to be deamonized. Spring assisted knives are the "assault weapon" of the blade world and commonsense takes a back seat to fact.

Isn't it sickening when we let the unstable, unthinking, emmotional wrecks make the decisions for the whole damn population based on their freakish holywood inspired untruths? Maybe it's time for a change afterall, and maybe enough people are finally tired of the silly games we have allowed to go unchecked for far too long..........

Its too bad were allowed to be legislated in the following way:

Waaaaaa, who needs a (you fill in the blank) ________ when they make me illogically uncomfortable?

And the truth never comes out because no one wants to make the ignorant minority illogically uncomfortable in fear for being viewed as insensitive or a "something-o-phobe".

Crazy stuff.

Well, get ready emmotionally unstable bed-wetters because assisted knives are fine and dandy in NH and soon coming to Maine as well. The day of the "issue uneducated, panty-in-a-knot platform" is about to come to a screaming halt in favor of just plain doing what's right.

Yeah, that sound is a big smile......... :-) Its been way too long.

Dan Billings
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I agree that Maine's knife

I agree that Maine's knife laws should be repealed.

You can't assume that because a knife is sold in Maine, it is legal. I have talked with court security about this and they take illegal knives on a regular basis that were bought at Maine retail stores.

Here is what Maine law says:

§1055. Trafficking in dangerous knives

1. A person is guilty of trafficking in dangerous knives, if providing he has no right to do so, he knowingly manufactures or causes to be manufactured, or knowingly possesses, displays, offers, sells, lends, gives away or purchases any knife which has a blade which opens automatically by hand pressure applied to a button, spring or other device in the handle of the knife, or any knife having a blade which opens or falls or is ejected into position by the force of gravity, or by an outward, downward or centrifugal thrust or movement.

2. Trafficking in dangerous knives is a Class D crime.

Maine law

A knife that can be opened with a flick of the wrist is illegal in Maine.

Tom C
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I was surprised to see "slung

I was surprised to see "slung shots" and sling shots mentioned in the New hampshire law. (A slungshot is a metal or wooden ball at the end of a rope of chain.) I do NOT believe these are illegal in Maine, unless carried concealed.

K. Wright
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the " in the handle" and the

the " in the handle" and the "which opens falls or is ejected into position by the force of gravity......" is the key to this statute. Not the blade itself or any "button" or "stud" on the blade that allows the knife to be opened. And along with that, the "force of gravity" i.e a butterfly knife would apply to my thinking. Interesting no mention of length of the blade as some other state statutes provide for.

A knife that can be opened by a button on the blade to allow quick opening into "battery" if you will is not applicable. Handle bad, blade good. Gravity bad too.

Dolley Madison
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I feel pretty... Oh so

I feel pretty...
Oh so pretty...
I feel pretty and witty and gay...

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The prohibition on

The prohibition on swithblades is silly, given the legality of axes, cordless electric drills, instant-on MAPP gas torches and machetes.

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Butterfly knives are like

Butterfly knives are like nunchucks, they are more likely to injure a Beavis & Butthead type user than create any risk to the general public. The switchblade law is outdated as well.

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