Switzerland Gets Tough on Immigrants

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Switzerland Gets Tough on Immigrants

Switzerland passed a new law that requires the following from immigrants who were on welfare before they can even apply for citizenship:

1. Pay back 100% of any money given to them if they were on welfare.
2. Provide proof they can speak the language.
3. Provide proof they are integrating into the Swiss society.

Seems to be really sound requirements to me. Hope Congress notices but......

Pay up

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This is no surprise given the

This is no surprise given the experience of their German neighbors.

Historically the Swiss have always looked to their own survival.

Their pragmatism could be a lesson to other countries.

We forget our own immigration laws up until the 1950's or 60's. The US banned the physically disabled, epileptics, those with any communicable disease, and the mentally feeble. AND all immigrants had to know English. No messing around with ESL back then.

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