Tom McLaughlin: Obama: One and Done

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Both the Obama campaign and the Mainstream Media know people like me see through their lies, and that we’ll speak out loudly against them. Read More
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Wed, 10/17/2012 - 7:21am
Posted by tommclaughlin

Spinning is one thing. Lying is another, and the Obama Administration is telling whoppers. They knew right away it wasn’t a film protest that killed Ambassador Stevens but they said over and over that it was. Forced to admit the truth two weeks later, they lied about what they knew and when they knew it. They’re still lying as I write this. The president is lying. His press secretary is lying. The vice president is lying. The secretary of state is lying. Our UN Ambassador is lying. I knew the second day what the truth was and so did thousands of other Americans who pay attention to what’s going on in the Middle East. We don’t have security clearances, but we’re not stupid. I wrote about it here and here.

Both the Obama campaign and the Mainstream Media know people like me see through their lies, and that we’ll speak out loudly against them. But they know their media reach, though diminishing steadily, is still much broader than ours and they count on that.

So why do they lie? Why not just tell the American people that it was a terrorist assault from the beginning? The same reason most people lie: to avoid consequences. What consequences? Voter perception, seven weeks before the election, that Obama’s foreign policy is a complete failure - that al Qaeda is growing even if Bin Laden is dead. They need someone else to blame, as usual, so they blamed and arrested a third-rate filmmaker no one ever heard of and violating his First Amendment rights. It was a way to avoid investigating Obama’s scandal/coverup while maintaining their pretense of objectivity.

But it’s unraveling, so now they’re hiding behind “the FBI investigation.”

The Obama campaign - which is indistinguishable from the Obama Administration - intends to ride out the three weeks until the election pleading ignorance until they get “facts” from “The FBI Investigation.” When that’s complete, they’ll find out what “really happened.”

But we already know what happened, don’t we? What else would they want to find out? Do they want to learn the identities of the terrorists who murdered Stevens, the two SEALs and the other guy? We knew this within 24 hours of the attack. Are they trying to find out how the Obama campaign/administration screwed up? That’s a ha-ha. The FBI is under the command of Eric Holder, Obama’s racist, right-hand man whose cover-up abilities have been sharpened by burying the Fast and Furious debacle - that other scandal the MSM assiduously ignores.

The rest is here.

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