Trump Learns the Cost of Cooperation

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Trump Learns the Cost of Cooperation

Many have glossed over the firing of the Federal Attorney General of the New York District because it appears not to affect them. It is news because we have had the really first change in leadership at the Presidential level. Normally these jobs are left untouched until they involve politics. What I mean is president's like Clinton, both Bushes and nearly all of the previous have accepted the resignations of political appointees, particularly in the judiciary branch because business just goes on as usual because the top attorney tries only the high profile non-political cases and the staff does all the rest. When a political figure is involved, which is not very often, since they are basically hands off, like our own legislators who are favored and actually immune from arrest unless it is one involving death or some other high profile activity. Selling your office is one of the no-nos because it is so hard to prove. Look at Hillary as the classic case.

So why did Trump fire this one? Because the attorney was going after the Governor of New York and that was a no-no. If the Democrats let him get away with continuing the case it would be tit for tat when they reclaimed power and the parties will have none of that.