UK Murders

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UK Murders

Gee, I cannot seem to find a common element regarding all of the terrorist deaths. Must just be random killings by miscellaneous and unconnected loving people. Anyway, lets just go ahead and open the borders. No risk there.

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Can’t find the common element

Can’t find the common element you say. Mayhaps because there isn’t one? These terrorists are killing people they do not know….for some reason.

The people below want people they don’t know to have special privileges like….you don’t have to go through the immigration process….for some reason.

** Maine House of Representatives **
Harvell, Representative Lance Evans (R-Farmington)

O'Connor, Representative Beth A. (R-Berwick)

Pouliot, Representative Matthew G. (R-Augusta)
Vachon, Representative Karen R. (R-Scarborough)

I am thinking they get it….we don’t.
Maybe it works like this: David Rockefeller,Bill Gates, George Soros ….and other 1 percenters know…they just know that humans must stop increasing in numbers and in fact the world population needs to be reduced. People must be made to die and the right to reproduce MUST be controlled. How are they going to do that?

The Constitution and Bill of Rights in the USA were designed to deliver power to the people not the governed and THAT gets in the way. So….enable the muslims to do the killing…enable means provide the weaponry (which they do not have the capability of fabricating…and can then be removed at any time) and when the population has been reduced and controlled….let the artificial intelligence decide the means of reproduction.

I don’t think I will be around to see it happen….too old.

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They arrive in a country they

They arrive in a country they intend to conquer with a book of instructions. They follow those instructions. Want to solve the problem? Read the book. Then get anybody who wants to be a citizen to renounce the book. Simple as that.

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