UM Prof Says 'Throw Out Second Amendment'

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UM Prof Says "Throw Out Second Amendment"
Thu, 12/20/2012 - 7:29am
Posted by woodcanoe

Robert Klose teaches at UMA-Bangor, and has shared his thoughts with us through the Bangor gayly News:


........."Why be coy? The Second Amendment should be repealed. Once it is gone, meaningful firearms legislation will finally be possible — converting gun possession from a right to a privilege, like a drivers license — and the NRA will be relegated to background noise, a hysterical mob with no constitutional basis for its oblique philosophy that the more firearms the better"........


No shyness on his part, he gets right to the heart of it!

........" American mind still obsessed with the idea of the frontier, and it may form a neat rallying cry for those who delight in arming themselves to the case the government invades them, in which case my money is on the military’s tanks, aircraft and precision-guided missiles, as opposed to the individual citizen’s M-16"........


He is so smart that he is ignorant of the fact that US civilians cannot own an M16, as that weapon is capable of full auto fire, which his so-called "civilian assault rifles" are NOT capable of, but that does not matter to an egghead!

His "first amendment" thoughts on "our" second amendment

It is a travesty that the taxpayers of Maine have to pay to have this drivel thrown at us, seven days a week!

No wonder the young people today, know nothing about our history, after being "indoctrinated with this bile" for 4 years.



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