The unbreakable rule

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The unbreakable rule

For liars and spies there is only one unbreakable rule for survival; don't get caught. This week we are being treated to consequences of a lie, or should we say tattle that has caused such an uproar over nothing that it may bring down or at least stifle the administration's ability to implement changes in the way the government runs things.

There is no doubt Trump's National Security Advisor was in conversation with the Russians before Trump actually assumed the office of President and he doesn't deny it. It matters little what they talked about, he withheld a portion of what was discussed from the Vice President whose only job is to preside over the Senate and vote in case of a tie. Half the time he is never there and the Senate's business goes on without him. Roosevelt's first Vice President politely said "the job isn't worth a bucket of warm spit". Roosevelt hardly ever talked to Harry Truman and when he died Harry was left to run a war and didn't even know about the atom bomb because no one ever told him. He went on, and in my opinion, became one of our great Presidents and for one reason alone, he did only what the Constitution enabled him to do. No one mentions that its was bureaucrat is eavesdroppers who leaked the contents of phone calls they were illegally monitoring.

The last thing the entrenched Progressive bureaucracy wants is change, because change, if it is to have any value means a loss of their jobs. Over ninety percent of all federal employees are engaged in administering or writing legislation that is unconstitutional but insures the number of their jobs will increase and will be sheltered from inflation and pay them more than they need when they retire. Who wouldn't want to protect that condition. It means they must find a way to prevent change and particular any change that will directly impact their livelihood.

The Trump Administration, through its National Security Advisor have handed the bureaucracy a silver bullet with which to discredit it. It matters little, even if the National Security Advisor threatened the Russians that Trump was to increase our sanctions, he was talking to the enemy and whatever was said or unsaid automatically means you are siding with the devil incarnate. Needless to say if he indeed threatened the Russians it would have never been leaked.

If this little tidbit were inadequate or unavailable as soon as the bureaucracy is made aware by the new kids on the block they intend to make changes, the fact they are is leaked in such a way as to make it appear the public is going to be hurt by them. It was the reason that in defense, Trump came out and said he would not touch Social Security or Medicare. Needless to say it is these unconstitutional pieces of legislation that are taking the country down the tubes and whatever tweaking he may be able to do on anything else will be of little significance. He may not be able to do even that if the Republican majorities, whose jobs depend on their not making changes in the system, won't support him.

The Progressive have so conditioned the public to not thinking but believing what they are told that has put us in this no win situation where they get to decide who gets how much of what through the tax code manipulated by them for the bankers who now own just about everything. By the time some of us have the time to unravel their Gordian Knot and inform others the damage is done or they are occupying the unsuspecting public elsewhere.

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Well pmconusa.

Well said pmconusa.

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