Undocumented Irish Immigrants' Push Immigration bill

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'Undocumented Irish Immigrants' push for immigration bill..10,000 in Boston
Mon, 09/02/2013 - 9:04am
Posted by Empirefalls

Push continues for bill that will grant a path to U.S. citizenship
By IrishCentral Staff Writers,
August 18, 2013

Boston's undocumented Irish immigrants continue to push for a comprehensive immigration bill that will grant a path to citizenship for the estimated 10,000 Irish immigrants in the city despite the House Republicans rejection of a comprehensive immigration reform bill

Irish immigration.. groups are joining forces...to advocate for immigration reform.

“We’ve sent busloads of Irish to Washington,”

“Immigrants are not going anywhere.""

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August 4, 2013
"GOP House Leadership feels Irish pressure for immigration reform in Chicago"

"over 4,000 marchers in the home district of Congressman Peter Roskam (R- IL) to call for a vote on immigration reform....".

"Cyril Regan, President of Chicago Irish Immigrant Support.. demanding action"

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